Bernie Sanders Turns Red in Fiery Exchange with Pete Buttigieg at Democrat Debate

Breitbart: LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg went after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at the start of the Democrat debate Wednesday night, causing the furious “democratic socialist” to turn a bright shade of red.

Though the debate kicked off with jabs at billionaire oligarch Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who appeared onstage for the first time, Buttigieg aimed his fire at the frontrunner as well: “Let’s put forward somebody who is actually a Democrat.” more

SNIP: Keep in mind, Marxist Mayor Pete isn’t actually a Democrat, either.

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  1. All of the infighting aside, since I didn’t watch the debate, did any of them say specifically what their vision for America was? What America would become as a nation if they were elected?

    Or was it just the usual vague promises that politicians usually like to use, promises that don’t really mean anything that can be considered logically but that anyone can interpret so they are hearing what they want to hear instead of something specific?

  2. If you can’t be a Marxist and a democrat at the same time then probably less than 1% of democrat politicians are democrats.

  3. Jugular demonic blood was flying all over the place last night! Warren is gonna stroke out on The Trail Of Tears before she drops out. That bitch is on the war path to a mental breakdown.

    Bloomberg did make me cheer when he called out Bernie’s communism. 🤣

  4. Just a disagreement on style between the old gray concrete bunker communist and the young gay urban gentry communist. Bernie wants to beat Communism into us, while Pete wants to rehab and flip it to us.

  5. If Bernie can’t control his temper on the debate stage how in the hell is he going to handle intense negotiations with the numerous countries that are not exactly aligned with the USA. He apparently is sadly lacking in control which is definitely needed by any POTUS. Not to mention his prolictivity for giving away freebies in a sad attempt to buy votes from the politically challenged. This grifter should not be in any elected office, much less the oval office.

  6. Red as a baboons ass. It’s because of the baboon heart transplant he received in Russia. Russian honeymoon my foot.

  7. “Bernie Sanders Turns Red in Fiery Exchange with Pete Buttigieg”

    You should see what all turns red in my fiery exchanges with Petey B!

  8. Watching Bernie vapor-lock on live TV would have improved ratings, and then his supports would have gone after Buttplug’s supporters for a change.
    A win / Win me thinks.

  9. Super Tuesday could be Chicago 1968 for these yahoos.

    Not a one was worth a shit.

    Klobuchar got showed for the lightweight incompetent she is by butt boy. She was literally shaking over not knowing AMLO’s name.

    Buttigieg showed himself as the smarmy Eddie Haskell he is.

    Biden said nothing of consequence behind his Joker grinning.

    Sanders was just the angry, know nothing, no specifics, never accomplished anything other than broadsides against wealth and promising free everything.

    Warren may have helped herself by hiking up her big girl panties and planting one on Bloomers but she wins no converts to the shrill Hillary wing, and finally…

    Bloomberg showed himself to be the capricious, dismissive egomaniac Mr. Burns all the memes characterized. When confronted about all of his sexual harassment, his response is he had zero tolerance for others doing the sexual harassing. And he throws money at liberal causes as indulgences for his character deficiencies which actually elicited cheers from those paid to cheer.

    Great fun. Burn it all down with everyone inside.


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