Breitbart: Once again, the party of treason is leading the fight not against those who are waging a holy war to destroy us, but against those who oppose jihad terror.

bernie sanders yelling

The Hill reported that “

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday invoked his ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps as he embraced a Muslim student and promised to lead the fight against racism.” His ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps he is likening to the fictional construct of “Islamophobia”? What craven pandering.  more


  1. Does own guns? Because he is one crazy mess. I have to wonder, do his communist handlers hire people to show, dress, and comb him before he goes out in public now? Because there is a marked difference from pre-surge Bernie and the new Bernie in appearance. Still no difference on message, though.

  2. “I’m against the racism being engaged in by all those piece of shit white males. White males are pieces of living shit and if elected I will make sure that piece of shit white males are re-educated in order to end racism. I am ashamed of being white and I am not racist. Only white pieces of shit are racist and I am colorblind unlike other whites who are white pieces of shit.”

    —Bernie Sanders

  3. Actually, I’m more concerned about the continuing Naziphobia in this country. Whenever I hear anyone call someone else a Nazi, it’s always negative – no one uses the term Nazi as a compliment.

    I’m tired of this Naziphobia and I want it stopped. Sure, the Nazis were responsible for the death of millions of people, but so were Stalin and Mao and countless other totalitarian dictators, and liberals seem o.k. with these gentlemen. Hitler was a little over the top, but it is not fair to condemn hundreds of thousands of Nazis just because one guy was a murderous psychopath. Nazis hated Jews, but so do Palestinians and most Muslims, so Jew hating must not be that bad because we want to reward Palestinians with their own country adjacent to Israel, let Iran have nuclear weapons, and grant immigration status to tens of thousands of anti-semitic Muslims.

    We pretend that people illegally in this country are nothing more than undocumented workers entitled to taxpayer funded freebies, we advocate for the right to murder unborn babies and sell their body parts, we cannot call terrorists by that name, we celebrate Muslim culture despite, or maybe because of its commitment to restricting personal freedom and discrimination of women and non-Muslims, and we demand special privileges for the sexually deviant. It is not right that Nazis remain singled out as a group with no redeeming values – after all, they made the trains run on time.

  4. Bernie – I won’t enter into your murder/suicide pact with the mohammadmen.

    It’s one thing to be tolerant of people who voluntarily choose to live together and share their values and culture amongst themselves. But it’s another thing entirely when my country is invaded by people who demand to impose their theocratic totalitarianism on me and everybody else at the point of a gun, scimitar, hunting knife, or bucket of gasoline. That’s when I make sure my 870, my AR, and my M1 are cleaned and oiled and that I have plenty of ammo at the ready.

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