Bernie’s “Shame”

Rallies for Clinton Amid Humiliating Leaks.

Lifezette: Sanders continues to work for the campaign that conspired to destroy his movement.

Like a once-victorious barbarian general captured by Roman legionaries and paraded around in chains for amusement, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is hitting the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton again on Monday afternoon.

The formerly independent, formerly principled senator is making a stop at a Clinton campaign rally in Fort Collins, Colorado, to try to convince his laid-back, hemp-clad supporters in the Centennial State to vote for a woman almost entirely opposed to what he and his primary campaign stood for.

Sanders’ betrayal of his own ideals is bad enough, but the fact that he continues to stump for Clinton amid continued revelations about her underhanded primary campaign is cringe-worthy to behold.

In one leaked email published by WikiLeaks, former executive director of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton supporter Mark Siegel called Bernie Sanders supporters “self-righteous ideologues.”

“It’s critical that all delegates, especially those representing losing candidates, emerge from the convention feeling that they have won something, achieved something tangible. I think this is terribly important, especially with people like Bernie’s sometimes self-righteous ideologues,” Siegel writes. “We want them to go home happy and enthusiastic in working their asses off for Hillary.”


SNIP: I think Bernie’s feeling pretty okay with his new house Hillary has purchased for him.
Hillary’s camp insults his followers, continually,  and Sanders says nothing to defend them.
They got rolled.

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  1. Bernie demonstrates he is a member of the ‘Willing To Take It’ party. He has the sausage so far up his pooper his breath smells of peperoni. Buuuuut, he has a way nice lake home now.

  2. Old bastard oughta be ashamed; He made her actually campaign, and it nearly killed her. Now she can hardly get out of bed. You Berniebros are one step above Pepe the Frog in her book. She is not done with you. Better recognize and vote accordingly.

  3. Bernie spent a lot of time bad-mouthing the bitch, (and rightfully so), and now he’s trying help her win the election.
    There’s more than just an entire story there…..

  4. Yeah, Bernie Sanders sold out his supporters. He became a perfect example of what socialism actually is – an unworkable but nice sounding theory that is subject to being jettisoned when to the advantage of the leaders. Bernie got his quid pro quo while his followers got the nothing.

    But that’s what makes socialism work – the useful idiots who blindly support it. There was never anything in Bernie’s platform for them except empty platitudes, and when it became clear that Bernie’s Presidential aspirations were over, he grabbed what he could and went. Undoubtably, part of the deal was that Bernie would campaign for Hillary, which he seems happy to do so long as he gets his perks.

  5. That must be some friggin house! I’ll bet it’s the car though that’s getting him out on the trail. Getting it up past 60 must have him remembering what he was like when he was young and hadn’t sold out. Probably giving him a chubby as well.

  6. Bernie Sanders was also out there telling everyone in CO he would NEVER talk the way Trump talked because his wife would kill him. Flashback several decades to a Bernie writing rape fantasy crap for magazines where he was paid some meager amount to publish heinous smut. He spends his time in CO where the leftist college nuts that think communism is great still believe he walks on water trying to pass single pay COCARE – a worse program than ObamaCare.

  7. Hey everyone seems to forget that old Bern is being paid very well to be a traitor to his own cause! Money talked and Bernie walked!

  8. He’s a socialist. Do you really think this bum has any principals. Socialist are parasites, they will go where the money is.

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