Bernie’s too radical for even Barack Obama

WE: Please, let it be Bernie Sanders!
The same political class that got 2016 so horribly wrong is now warning us not to underestimate Bernie Sanders.

His opposition to NAFTA and free trade, they tell us, will siphon off the crucial voters in the Midwest who went for President Trump in 2016. Trump should be trembling in fear that that Sanders will be able to channel the discontent that once sent voters, especially white-working class voters, running Trump’s way.

There is no reason to believe this nonsense. Republicans should be thrilled the Democrats might be dumb enough to nominate a man whose views are more outside the political mainstream than any major political candidate since George McGovern. more

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  1. I can’t imagine how that’s possible. You turned this country upside down and seeded discontent in every aspect of society, all the while soiling the entire White House with a giant transvestite who was sexing you up in the caboose.

  2. It’s not his party any more. Hillary drove it into the ditch four years ago and Bernie’s going to light it on fire this year.

  3. I don’t think he’s too radical for any Democrat, he’s just to up front open about it and is giving their true intentions away when they depend on keeping them secret to get elected.

  4. JDHasty
    I’d like to ask bernie fans how they like their $30 car tabs.

    Maybe Bernie could give them ‘free’ car tabs. . .

  5. @JD I saw that and Rep. Pramila Jayapal will introduce him. Good grief. Only here in wacky Washington could Bernie have anything close to something resembling a Trump rally in size and enthusiasm. The local news will swooon! 🤮

    (Maybe BlackLivesMatter will steal his microphone again. We can only hope.)

  6. Obama be livin’ in the big house up to the beach wif da white folks.

    Of course he doesn’t want real socialism. He might actually have to pay for it.

  7. JDH and Illust8r I am sill a reg. Dem in Washington and I am going to vote for Bernie.
    We know P. Trump will win so it can’t hurt.


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