Best Cartoon of the Day: Animation of Biden’s Hairy Legs in Pool With Child

ht/ hot salsa

18 Comments on Best Cartoon of the Day: Animation of Biden’s Hairy Legs in Pool With Child

  1. If he wins the dumbocrat nomination President Trump will have so much fun ridiculing this idiot.

    PS – I LOVE typing “President Trump”!

  2. If Joey Biden wins the nomination he can pick Creepy Porn Lawyer Avanetti to be his running mate.
    They’d make a formidable ticket, wouldn’t you say?

  3. Mr. Pinko,

    A question.
    Why use SNL as some kind of benchmark of comedy?

    SNL sucks. SNL is EVIL. Is and has been(s) for Decades. Anyone using SNL as a barometer in MAGA places is questionable. Even the name SNL is EVIL and says much about anyone using it for ANY reason ANY where.

    Forever Dick in a Box.

  4. Yesterday I saw a meme on Instagram with Biden talking about the kids rubbing his leg and roaches and kids in his lap… I laughed because I thought it was an excellent parody of Creepy Crazy Uncle Joe.

    Then, I heard Mark Simone play the clip on the radio and I said, “Holy crap! This really happened?!?” You cannot make this stuff up.

  5. Sounds like a bad joke:
    What do hairy legs, blonde hair, kids jumping on an adult’s lap and the Democrat party have in common?

    Fill in your own answer

  6. BreaKing. . .

    Uncovered Audio and Video and Audio evidence may clear Hunter.

    Crack Pipe and Roach Clip may have Joe Prints

  7. I gotta believe that the reason Jackass Joe hasn’t been caught up in the Lolita Express yet is cuz Epstein and the others knew that this Number One Observatory Circle Jerk woulda blabbed and bragged about it endlessly!
    But hey, who knows, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that this grinning imbecile wuz involved!


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