Beto is an arm-flailing doofus

For the life of me, I just cannot noodle out why Robert Francis O’Rourke makes reporters go all goo-goo eyed.

He’s an arm-flailing doofus.

Compared to him, John Kasich looks like an effective public speaker.

Go watch the video at Patriot Retort 

16 Comments on Beto is an arm-flailing doofus

  1. Remember the picture of obama sitting on a couch with two of his boyfriends? I could see beto fitting right in there, tight.

  2. Why doesnt the left just trot out Bozo The Clown as their candidate, and be done with it? Think about it: he’s friendlier, he’s more fun, and he appeals to childish voters.

    Bozo/Cortez in 2020!

  3. Robert Francis O’Dourke has a deep catalog of peculiar. Did he feel that when he put on the donkey head while he wore the pink footy pajamas that he was in disguise? He did covers of Ramones songs more off key than the original, which was not as much peculiar as it was pathetic.

    I ‘ve got a Benjamin for anyone who can find video of him singing the Ramones song, ‘The KKK took my baby away’.

  4. I’m with Napolean KId Dynomite. I’d rather vote for Pedro than Beto the bozo.
    Whatever, it’s no contest. I’m voting for TRUMP!

  5. The future of the world does not depend on Beto or the lackys in that room. In fact, the future of the world wouldn’t miss a beat if they all died today. Matter of fact, according to their own platform, the future of the world would be better off without them ever being born.


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