Beto O’Rourke Gives an Astoundingly Vapid Interview

The guy is a Chauncey Gardener. He is the proverbial empty suit jeans and tee shirt.

You even get the sense that Wapo is frightened that this clown has gotten so far.

When asked about policies his default answer is “we need a conversation,” offering little evidence that he understands the issue.

He admits he knows nothing about Syria, and he answered a number of other questions with questions.

Me thinks he’s a moron, and anyone excited by this doofus is a bigger moron.


20 Comments on Beto O’Rourke Gives an Astoundingly Vapid Interview

  1. He was a busy little Socialist today. He also referred to the USA as an “Empire”. Nobody bothered to ask him what country we have conquered and claimed as our. He also questioned whether we should still consider the Constitution valid. Someone needs to deport the assbite to Venezuela. Scary part is he’s not that much different from Poke A Haunt Us, or Bernie. All three of them will run for President.

  2. There’s not much to this putz but desperate hype – especially by that ass Oprah. Her ‘candidate’ worked out for us great last time, didn’t it?

    O’Dork in 2020.

  3. Zack Ford better hone, refine, & perfect his ” he’s an idiot” skills – Beto is pushing hard to out perform him for the Biggest Dope title.

  4. Just think, when Clinton first became President he would jog through DC with those ridiculous white mickey mouse gloves and short-shorts. “Beto” the first hispanic president can cruise threw the streets on his skateboard with one of those dorky bicycle helmets and knee pads.
    We’re digressing rapidly!

  5. Chauncy Gardner was simple, but his opinions were considered and typically applicable even if they were based upon gardening. Beto is just ideological and self-serving, if also simple.

  6. Looks like all the lightweight lefty losers are jabbering about “having a conversation” or “being part of a conversation”. Funny how the suddenly conversational Tank Abrams and Robby O’ Rourke were avoiding debates like the plague on their way to defeat.

  7. @Illustr8r
    Yes, the putz is a “cyclist.” He filled the entire sanctuary city called El Paso with bike lanes when he was on the city council. On the plus side, the people of old Mexico that drive in El Paso do not recognize “bike lanes.”

  8. Beta O’Dork…
    Asks is the Constitution still relevant,
    And this are sole wants to be president,
    He does not have the mental faculties to graduate from high school,
    Nobody should throw their money at this clown’s campaign.


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