Beto Says That It Is “No Longer Sufficient Not To Be Racist”

Beta made the comments at his “Rally Against Fear” in Dallas Texas

24 Comments on Beto Says That It Is “No Longer Sufficient Not To Be Racist”

  1. This guy is wholeheartedly committed to becoming committed (involuntarily).

    Also, is that his wife? My God! Hippie women have really digressed in attractiveness, as of late.

  2. I made it through 30 seconds of this idiot’s drooling rant.

    He really hates his fellow citizens. We, the people, have no place in this guy’s America.

    The good news is that he isn’t even resonating within the neanderfuck party.

  3. Irish Bob. Love that!

    What is the irish word for chutzpah?

    That party has a rich phony injun, a rich phony mexican, a rich phony socialist. Running against a myriad of fags, disgruntled blackish women.

    OK. Ive lost track.

  4. This guy really is a bottom feeder, desperate for attention. He’ll say anything. Which means he’ll do anything. A very deranged person, much like Fauxcahontas and hilllary clinton, to say nothing of pelosi.

    Dangerous people to our freedom. Throw the likes of those Jew-hating scumbags tlaib and omar .

  5. Can you imagine being in a room and this guy starts spewing?

    Fucking SIT DOWN, you clueless loudmouth before somebody shuts that trap for ya.

  6. “Rally Against Fear”?
    Scares the sh*t out of me that this bonehead must have paid a lot of people to cheer for him. Campaign funds, it’s not his money.

  7. It’s no longer sufficient for Beto to breathe the same precious oxygen I do. BLOODY PISS OFF FRANCIS.


  8. I couldn’t make it through the whole video. I suspect if he didn’t marry into wealth, he would being living in a cardboard box in an alley. The man is mental.

  9. I actually watched about two minutes of this.

    That boy ain’t right in the head.

    She’s sticking around for the cash.

  10. Does Beto sound like a queer Eeyore?

    Or some fucking homo Marvin the Paranoid Android?

    “I suck dicks. Did I say that out loud?”

    And he’s always so sad. A sad excuse for a man. “Weapons of war!” What the fuck does this clown know about weapons of war? His rectum knows about weapons of war.

    Fucking degenerate.

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