Beto’s Plan Beta


He’s being slammed for not sharing donations with other Dems,  he’s slipping in the Texas polls against Cruz, but does he care? Nah. ‘Texas 0bama’ wants to sit in the White House.

“Beto is running for president in 2020. I’ve been telling everyone this for months,” Jesse Kelly, a Houston talk show host and former U.S. Marine, tweeted Tuesday. “He’s not even trying to win in Texas. He has smartly build up his national profile and will finish this race with $20 million in the bank.”

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14 Comments on Beto’s Plan Beta

  1. He’s so full of himself he’ll never accept that people won’t vote for him. He expects to be carried into Washington on the shoulders of the adoring masses.
    Like Obama, his ego far exceeds his capabilities and likability.

  2. How about you dems skip any ideas of the White House for a couple of decades, we still haven’t got all the stink out from your last candidate.

  3. I have always wanted to vote for Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho for President. “Shiiiit. That’s what I thought. That’s why I’m bringing in Not Sure, the smartest man in the world to fix all our problems. In one week.” How could you not vote for such a candidate?

  4. 0bama got elected for 3 reasons: Voters were rebelling against a GOP majority that failed to accomplish anything, in fact grew government; lousy GOP candidates ended up giving us a milquetoast McCain; he played the race card.
    Zero of those three is going to happen anytime soon. Even after Trump, in 2024 we have quite a few decent candidates. 0bama killed the ‘vote for the minority’ once and for all, including women, other races, or anything else. And voters now realize that as bad as GOP can be it is nowhere near as bad as the Dems.

  5. Typical El Paso, I no longer engage in conversations with people in bars there if there is even a hint it will turn to politics. A hotheaded young lawyer would have loved to punch me out over Trump had I not been 2x or more his age and in considerably better shape than him.

  6. he wasn’t beto when he went to college, he was robert. robert francis o’rourke. It is a crafted, calculated image for low info voters.
    He should be addressed as ‘bobbie’ when asked questions.

    what a strange election- Rafael Edward Cruz faces Robert Francis O’Rourke
    my shoulder is behind Ted.

  7. Definition Beto
    1. An extremely large Memeber. 2. Annoyance at its best. 3. Craziness defined. 4. Lucky Bastard. 5. If ur a beto u got the stuff in ur pants!!!
    Nuff said,,,
    Most likely a turd.

  8. The so-called Democrat party is now dead. Not even the left likes their policies. But when you think about it how could they?? Thank you, George!!

  9. Well… He’s of colored, enough. But I’ve gotta see the future first lady forever. If she can’t pass for a porg, it ain’t happening.

  10. I remember when Jon Ossoff smartly raised his national profile for eight weeks in 2017, spent a bazillion celebrity dollars and lost. Badly.

    Not sure that Beto understands yet what happens when you lose under those circumstances.

  11. O’Doofus doesnt have a prayer.

    Like the maddoff scam, a soros scam only works once in a hundred years. And they blew their wad on GOP vote-machine barry.


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