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Betsy DeVos alleges ‘gross’ Biden harassment and face-touching

Wa Ex:
Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, who has a well-established practice of close encounters with women many describe as creepy, allegedly attempted to “intimidate” former Trump-era Education Secretary Betsy DeVos when she was stuck in a wheelchair following a bicycle accident in late 2018.

In her new book, DeVos claimed that Biden bent over, put his hands on her shoulders, pressed his forehead to hers, and “lingered” as she tried to roll back.

“It was gross, and it was also a feeble attempt to intimidate me,” DeVos wrote in her Center Street Publishing book about her days as former President Donald Trump’s education secretary and how she fought “woke” schooling forces. The book debuts on June 21.

In an exclusive excerpt from Hostages No More: The Fight For Education Freedom and the Future of the American Child provided to Secrets, DeVos said Biden approached her after she finished a speech to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in January 2019, which Biden also spoke to. MORE

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  1. … yet he’s been certified as the resident president instead of being placed on ‘Megan’s List’

  2. It’s amazing that Hunter grew up as good as he is with all the moral fiber that’s in that household!
    In other words, I’m surprise he made it past 30!

  3. Just once…..
    When PedoJoe46 gets creepy, touchy, and/or whispery…..
    A father….A mother…..A husband…..
    needs to knock PedoJoe46 on his ass and ask him….
    “Watcha gonna do now tough guy….???”

  4. @Ed357:
    It’d be interesting to see the Secret Service’s response, considering they really don’t like him at all. Will they be a little….slow…to react?

  5. she should have tore off his shriveled Nut Sac from the chair.

    No Way she would have been charged!


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