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Better Idea: No Representation Without Taxation

If you don’t pay taxes, you can’t vote.

That’s better than the idea by a leftist imbecile – if you vote, and your candidate doesn’t win, you don’t pay taxes.

He calls it “No taxation without representation,” a bastardization of the original meaning of the phrase.

What the imbecile is whining about is that Hillary won the popular vote, so, in his mind, she is the true representative of the people— in some other land with some other rules.

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  1. didn’t the democrats all say paying taxes was patriotic?

    again which democrats are those that actually pay taxes?

    don’t get me wrong, I am all for eliminating the income tax because I am for freedom. income taxation is slavery in a different form.

  2. Let California secede and we pass an amendment that says If you receive welfare or food stamps, you don’t vote. That would solve most of the problems.

  3. I’m all for no right to vote if you don’t pay taxes. Why should you have a say in how tax revenue is distributed if you didn’t contribute.

    As for the imbicile in your article, that’s fine with me. Since Hillary didn’t win, he can not pay taxes, as long as he receives no services: no police protection, no fire protection, no using public accomodations (including roads, bridges, sidewalks), no welfare, no government student loans. We’ll see how long he lasts.

  4. No vote at any level government if more than 10% of your income (dol OR paid) comes from that level of government. This is common-sense election reform, no more of an infringement on a constitutional right any gun law. Think of it as recusal for those with conflicts of interest.

  5. The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact.
    Socialists are welcome to leave ANY TIME they feel inconvenienced.

    Pull up your pants, pack up your shit, and GO!
    Or start a full-bore shooting war to assert your “right” to socialism.

    You have the freedom to live any way YOU want – you don’t have the freedom to make ME live any way YOU want – that’s the main difference between your philosophy and mine – I don’t give a fuck what you do! Just leave me the fuck alone.

    You don’t pay taxes now, so that doesn’t make any difference.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. If the objectors don’t pay their taxes, they get deported to Somalia, one way shipping, no returns, no re-entries, no passports, revoked IDs (USA Issued).

  7. Interesting concept by the lib – but as usual, not thought through.

    The President doesn’t represent anybody for taxes, that would be Congress, more specifically, the House of Representatives.

    In places where a Republican wins – those people most likely already pay taxes – no problem.
    But where I live, most/all the elected officials are democrats so I (and people like me) am/are not represented. If we were allowed to stop paying taxes very little taxes would be collected.

    Way to go, dumb-ass!

  8. A flat tax ensures that everyone who earns or receives money, pays taxes. Even if 100% of the money earned (or received) comes from taxes, the act (or symbolism) of having money taken from a paycheck (or welfare check) puts people in a different mindset when it comes to government.

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