Better put Rachel Maddow on Suicide Watch

Patriot Retort: Thanks to Lupus, I was resting on the couch when word came that AG Barr had Mueller’s long-awaited report and would be briefing Congress on its contents.

And over at MSNBC, it was the sob heard round the world.




Not since the wee hours of November 9, 2016 has Rachel Maddow been so close to a complete psychological break.

This is your face on Trump Derangement Syndrome.

You know, someone better put Rachel Maddow on suicide watch. At the very least, keep her away from windows and sharp objects.

Now I figured 99.9% of the on-air “talent” at both MSNBC and CNN knew the Russian Collusion thing was a total fraud — chief among them John Brennan.

And maybe I’m correct about that.

But I’m beginning to suspect that Rachel Maddow is the 0.1% who actually, fervently believed.

All this time, I figured Maddow knew the garbage conspiracies she was peddling were nonsense.  I really believed that she was in on the con.

But the look of confusion on her face last night leads me to suspect that she genuinely bought into the lie.

She wasn’t a knowing peddler of lies after all, but a useful idiot.

I’m mean, just take a gander at the mystified look on her face.

18 Comments on Better put Rachel Maddow on Suicide Watch

  1. If I was one of the guards on cell watch for poor Maddows’ suicide prevention, I would slip her a razor blade, an extra long belt and a can of Driano, just in case ‘she’ was thirsty.

  2. As the Ted Lieu comments in the other post reveal, the Mueller report is not the end. There will never be an end. There just has to be a crime somewhere, and they will never give up. As Stalin famously said; “show me the man and I will show you the crime”.

  3. The left now believes in abortion after birth, or infanticide, and if they could get their way, we would also have euthanasia.

    Maybe it is time for a nice lib doctor to decide that Maddow is suffering too much and give her the relief that they want to inflict upon all of us.

    Or maybe post birth abortion, or infanticide, at 50 years old, should be legal too. You reap what you sow libs. You are the ones wanting and making these rules, so let’s have some guidelines, other than voting tendencies.

  4. I knew when Adam Schiff saw his shadow 3 fortnights ago that there would be 6 more weeks until the Mueller report. And it would contain nothing. And the poor man fancies herself a professional journalist.
    Bless her heart.

  5. I heard that Twitter was banning people who posted “crying maddow”
    videos. That can’t possibly be true, can it?

  6. …a Rachel Maddow self-abortion on Pay Per View just might pay for the wall, just sayin’…

  7. Poor Rachel. Maybe a back rub from Rosie OldMacDonald would make her feel better. The mental issues contained within gender confussion seriously alarm me. Ms. Ankle Strap- I’m sorry you are ill.

  8. In spite of their incessant blathering, these smug commie spokesholes must have known that this witch hunt was a baseless shot in the dark.
    Cry me a river, madcow.

  9. I rarely comment on people’s physical appearance, but I must say she is not pleasing to view.

  10. This is not the proper thread to address the puzzlements of how homosexuals comport themselves. The female manishness. The male feminishness. It’s queer. Meaning odd.

    I’ll let it go. Serves no purpose.

    Put me into the Q of LGBTQIIQWERTYNOP. Questioning why you people are so weird.


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