Betty Roethlisburger, Ariana Rogers, Patricia Mahomes?

Ever wonder what all the starting quarterbacks would look like if they were women? Well, somebody did and somebody put it on YouTube (note commercial ends at the 2:40 mark). Watch

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  1. I’m seeing comments around other media sites that breitfart and many other conservative media are moderating comments so as not to offend a bunch of commies, queers and blacks. Maybe the commies, queers and blacks will let them stay on google ads if they do exactly what they’re told.

    The right is becoming the little bitches of the commies, queers and blacks.

  2. “Ever wonder what all the starting quarterbacks would look like if they were women?”

    Actually no. Dr Tar, is this a cry for help?

  3. This guy likes the sound of his own voice so skip the first four minutes or on second thought skip the whole thing.

  4. Sorry, I thought this was another Drew Brees walkback. Actually the entire NFL is all wussyfied.

    Maybe having the wives playing football instead of them would make the game more interesting. It would be interesting to see what the feminist have to say about the girls getting on their knees… Oh my.

  5. Folks, this video is simply an insidiously evil, albeit clever attempt using what is meant to appear as light comedy, to push a deviant, perverted agenda regarding sexual attraction.

    When the asshat in the video says at the 1:09 mark, “All I ask is that you challenge everything you know about your sexuality…,” he clearly states his ultimate intention. On the TV screen next to him is the message, “Open You Mind!”

    By enticing men to look at highly manipulated, completely feminized images of other men who now appear attractive, evil hopes to plant that tiny seed of doubt or curiosity about, “…everything you know about your sexuality.”

    The end game is to convince otherwise straight men that they can find a man sexually attractive. And it’s to Satan’s delight that once again his hideous lies will led some astray.

    Please don’t be deceived, THIS CRAP AIN’T FUNNY!!! This is a well known, and unfortunately very effective tactic for breaking down boundaries between good and evil!!! Just one puff, one toke, one sip, one snort, it won’t hurt you…


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