Bevelyn Beatty reveals what drove her to splash paint over De Blasio’s BLM mural

“Black Lives Matter will never address black on black crime,” Beatty says. “The Democrats are the ones screaming, ‘Defund the police, get rid of the police,’ yet the Democrats are the ones that run these cities top to bottom.”

Just The News: She came armed only with paint cans, her weapon of choice. But the splatter and splash that ensued, carried out by this simple, everyday African-American woman, is still reverberating in America.

Her name is Beverlyn Beatty, and she had reached her breaking point. Growing up on welfare in the inner city of Charlotte, N.C., she saw people close to her die in the crime-infested city of her youth. She herself has been shot, and her difficult struggle through life has left her indelibly marked. 

Fast-forward to earlier this month in Manhattan, with paint cans in hand and a few buckets of moxie too. A trip down posh 5th avenue in New York has a different feel, especially in front of Trump Tower, with its now-famous mural commissioned by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. With the words “Black Lives Matter” painted in giant yellow letters extending the length of a city block for the whole world to see, Beatty took matters into her own hands, literally. more

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  1. Overheard convo at Walmart between a white woman employee and a 20-something black male employee:

    She – With your kind of luck you need to try for some rain.
    He – I don’t need luck, I have faith.
    She – Tell Him to make it rain.
    He – He will bring rain in its time. Maybe not today, but soon enough.

  2. It seems to me as though a bunch of thug whites have taken over the BLM movement. The blacks are just useful tools in their plan to destroy America.

  3. Amazing woman.

    Not taking a thing away from her courage but had it been a white woman, the somewhat playful police antics and lack of any blm violence(at least on the one video I’ve watched) would have been entirely different.

  4. @ Brown Eyed Girl JULY 27, 2020 AT 11:27 AM

    It has never been anything but an illusion that this was a black lead movement and/or that it is, or ever has been, a popular uprising. It is lead predominantly by white Marxists, for the benefit of predominantly white Marxists.

  5. The streets of NY have become Twitter in an analog form. The streets are now a public forum used for making public statements, but only public statements that fit a determined narrative. If BLM language can exist as a “mural” on a public street so should any mural, claiming any statement.

    I’ve had it with communists running ruining our country.


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