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Beware of McCarthy Bearing Bribes

Kevin McCarthy vows to restore Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee assignments, secure border if he becomes House speaker.

Market Watch:
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, pledged to restore Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee assignments, should Republicans retake the House and he become speaker.

Greene was stripped of her committee assignments by Democrats in February for spreading conspiracy theories.

The firebrand Georgia Republican has since expressed interest in joining the House Oversight Committee, which serves as the chamber’s main investigative committee.

“She’s going to have committees to serve on, just like every other member…Members request different committees and as we go through the steering committee, we’ll look at it,” McCarthy told CNN. “She can put through the committees she wants, just like any other member in our conference that gets elected.”

The oversight committee would likely play a key role in a Republican-led House, as McCarthy told CNN his party views oversight as a key priority, including potential probes of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and how the Biden administration has handled parents and school board meetings.

In the sweeping CNN interview conducted two days ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections, McCarthy did not rule out eventual impeachment proceedings, but pledged to never use it for “political purposes.”

“That doesn’t mean if something rises to the occasion, it would not be used at any other time,” he added.

The number one priority for McCarthy, if he becomes the next speaker, is not impeachment, it’s instituting border policies such as the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy recently ended by the Biden administration.

“You’ve got to get control over the border,” McCarthy said. “You’ve had almost 2 million people just this year alone coming across.” more

17 Comments on Beware of McCarthy Bearing Bribes

  1. He ia a “Bush b Republican”! “Bush republicans” lie!
    I’ve posted here many times the last 18 months Kev said any Bush Republicans joining the conservative inquisition, aka J6, would be expelled. 2 Bush Republicans joined the conservative inquisition. THEY WERE NEVER EXPELLED! Bush Republican names: Adam, Liz!

    Bush Republicans have no morals! Kev is a Bush Republican!

  2. Make the most hated person by thee left and RINOs speaker…MTG! With her calling the shots a lot of libs would probably consider suicide!

  3. McCarthy & McCONnell two peas in a rotten Rino pod.
    Appeasers, not Leaders.

    Hey GOP, enough of House leaders like Boehner, Ryan & McCarthy !!
    McCONnell has been the senate Leader since 2007, rid the party of of weak kneed appeasers ! Find real leaders who will support the GOP President and the Republican Platform !
    While you are at it, purge the Romney influence and leadership of the RNC (Ronna McDaniel, Chair,) actually not chair but a footstool for failure.

  4. California Politicians. Looks like Korean Conservatives in Orange County have learned how to fight. Meanwhile we have up to five California Conservatives stages to flip a seat nationally, and guess what? Their vote counts have been stuck at between 37% and 48% as of the night of the election. I keep hearing Kevin Kiley won but see no on line confirmation. Anybody that has not won by now will lose with 185% reporting.

  5. Assuming we win the House, we need a warrior in the Speaker position! There’s not many to choose from. MTG is not a bad choice. Our objective has to be to fight these TRAITOROUS BASTARDS every step of the way. If that means a deadlocked Congress, fucking good. Anytime they are passing bills it hurts the productive members of society.

  6. When he went to Trump to beg for help after everything the R’s did to stab him in the back, Trump should have sent his horse camp into the R’s camp with McCarthy’s head shoved down into the bottom of one of the saddlebags. Dude’s a fucking weasel.

  7. Heatsync

    Yep. What gets lost in the Bull Shit is what a kind heart Trump actually has. And now days the same people stomp on it. Integrity is gone.

  8. “Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Anyone who sucks into McCarthy’s bullshit is either Biden/Fetterman-ly retarded or a traitor.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Any conservative who thinks they have representation in DC is as loopy as Fetterman. Does anyone that comments here run their household budget spending 30-40%+ more a year than they take in? Fix their neighbor’s roof before yours isn’t leaking?

    What I see in the newsletter I get from my Congressman, Derek “pencil neck” Kilmer is how adroit he is in bringing the fairy dust money back to all the various self interest groups with their fucking hands out.

    He refuses to answer this simple question, why haven’t you demanded a GD budget instead of these ridiculous omnibus pots of money that are doled out by the “leadership”?

    What can’t continue, won’t. And it’s going to be sooner than later.

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