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Beyond Hubris – Joe Biden Says He Takes No Blame for Inflation

CTH: Not only does the buck not stop with Biden, the installed occupant of the White House refuses to admit the buck even started with him. It did!

During remarks to the press today, even Brian Deese looked stunned as Joe Biden incredulously claimed he didn’t cause the rampant inflation that is crushing middle class Americans. Oh, he started it alright…. He not only started it, but he also created it.

The combination of the January 2021 immediate move to block any domestic energy development, in combination with the April 2021 unneeded explosion of deficit spending triggered both a supply side and demand side inflationary impact; with the former continuing to put massive upward pressure on prices still. MORE

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  1. So. Inflation caused by incredibly stupid decisions made by Bidean, are Trump’s fault? So does President Trump get credit for the hundreds of thousands of jobs created in January? (Hey you dumb ass lefties. That is sarcasm. Read in today’s American Thinker about the true job numbers. Dumb asses.)

  2. From years back Joe Biden was and is a confirmed compulsive liar who achieved nothing in his wanna-be an elitis life. Even his colleagues knew him as a chronic liar who also hated blak people and who have said as much in their description of him.

  3. When gas prices skyrocketed I bought a bunch of those “I Did That!” stickers (without permanent adhesive) to place on gas pumps. Now I am going to start putting them on the shelves at the grocery store too!

  4. How is this news to anyone? That is how narcissism manifests. What they can’t blame others for, they explain away. My God! It takes a dedicated level of commitment to deliberate inattention to patterns of human behavior to miss that.

  5. Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! That dumb fuck doesn’t know that when you raise the cost of energy everything else cost more.

  6. How could it possibly be The Big Guy’s fault? The senile pedophile(rhyme!!!) doesn’t even know where he is 90% of the time.

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