‘Beyond pathetic’: Hillary says she’ll ‘go as the president’ this Halloween – IOTW Report

‘Beyond pathetic’: Hillary says she’ll ‘go as the president’ this Halloween

NBC News’s Alex Seitz-Wald has some bad news about America’s smartest woman; it seems she’s still harboring some delusions about what took place almost a year ago.  MORE

47 Comments on ‘Beyond pathetic’: Hillary says she’ll ‘go as the president’ this Halloween

  1. The President lives in your head, Hillary. You might as well wear his face. That’s the closest you’ll ever get to being inside his head.

  2. Arrested development. Looks like she hasn’t matured beyond age 6 when little girls want to be a princess for H-ween.

  3. Just frantic for any kind of attention.



    Say, is she still faking that life-threatening toe sprain, or whatever alibi her staff invented after her alcoholic no-shows on her Apology Tour? Hard to ring doorbells on crutches.

  4. UGH! This woman is so desperate to be in the spotlight.

    She thought she was going to be the prancing, strutting peacock around Washington for at least 4 years, with the media hanging on her every word, looking at Obama, “See, I did it too!”

    Now she’s at a card table in Costco selling her excuses. That must be sobering.

  5. Like Abigail I would love to see Killary dressed up with the signature Trump mask and blond wig. A great tribute to our president.

  6. She goes as a witch all the other days of the year. She’d be a great witch for Halloween. Think of all the Halloween costume contests she could win making the rounds at all the local bars. All she needs is a pointy hat, a broom, and to laugh a lot.

  7. Hilary couldn’t get herself elected president of a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

    “Friends Of Bill”. Heh, heh.

  8. Halloween has always been about dressing up as something you’re not.

    Maybe next year she can go as a straight, sober all-American housewife.


  9. I photshopped her as Fatty Arbuckle dunking Ambassador Stevens in a wooden barrel once…. her head matched up perfectly.

    I’d post a pic, but don’t know how.

  10. Halloween is just a ploy for her to disguise herself and make a run for the border. Bad news hill, Mexico doesn’t want you and Canada is afraid you’ll take over. Best try for the middle east where you an wear a burka, we would all appreciate it.

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