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  1. Funny how the Left didn’t ask why the 2009 Fort Hood shooting spree by a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” wasn’t described as an act of Islamic terrorism, though.

  2. …am I the only one that can’t go to AT’s site without winning a contest that makes the web site completely inaccessible to me unless I let it take over my phone? Happens EVERY TIME, to ME.

    …guess I’m just a lucky guy…

  3. When white privileged men bring down a building right smack dab in the middle of a populated city using explosives, can you believe everyone is in agreement naming it demolition? Before and after the building is brought down our noses are rubbed in their privilege by describing the goal of this terrorism as “city improvement.” Yet when a muslim flies airplanes into buildings, achieving demolition, it’s called terrorism. THE NERVE of these white folks, how are they getting away with this?

    I demand we kill all white men and call it population enhancement.

    Anyhow. Back in reality, I call these people GOOFS. Oh no, how do I get away with that?

  4. I have no problems with accessing American Thinker on a daily basis. However, nearly every time I read World Net Daily, if I try to read an article it almost always lately comes back as a bad request which ticks me off. I have no idea what’s going on with WND lately if they’re being hacked or someone doesn’t like their opinion on matters of importance that go against the progtard world view.

  5. The guy liked weed and hated the cops. I wonder if he left a manifesto before flying to all to pieces?

    Nice commentary on the twitards, BFH.

  6. Let me take a contrary position, BFH. It is appropriate to call these Muslomaniacs “suicide bombers” because they intentionally blow themselves up in order to kill other innocent non combatants. This is a uniquely savage, but hugely effective tactic. Its also never been seen before in all of history.

    The only thing that comes close is the Japanese kamikaze pilots, and they didnt target civilians. Moreover, these unskilled pilots and their junk airplanes were more destructive than all of Japan’s surface fleet

    Everyone who plants a bomb that eventually explodes and kills is a homicide bomber. Every Luftwaffe aircraft that flew over London was engaging in homicide bombing, and when the Allies struck back in kind, they were homicide bombing

    But when someone walks into a crowd and blows himself up in order to kill innocent people, thats a significant snd unprecedented new twist. And it doesnt let Islam off the hook, because it is Islam’s promise of an eternity of celestial skanks that motivates this. And it also underscores the total depravity of Islam

  7. These leftist bitches won’t be happy unless Warner (how’s that for a simulation name?) is labeled as a Proud or Boogaloo Boy and Trump is asked to disavow him ten times a day for eternity. I spit in their general direction and laugh at their whining.

  8. Good Article, excellent points.
    Having your article selected for publication in the “American Thinker” is worthy of receiving a another feather for your “Big Hat”.

  9. Well, the Unabomber did detonate more than one bomb so maybe we should call him the Multibomber. Although he did only detonate one at a time, so perhaps Unabomber is still appropriate. This wordplay is so confusing.

    Only a leftist could look at an act of violence and then engage in a battle of semantics and efforts to shoe horn those acts into their personal world views. Reason #165 why Twitter is generally a monumental waste of time and energy.

  10. One crazy paranoid guy in an RV that blew himself up represents MAGA. The riots and destruction from BLM were justified and “about damn time” according to a school friend who lives in Atlanta. Guess I gotta snooze her again for 30 days.

  11. Excellent article you wrote BigFur. I don’t get why peopl4e are upset over what the nit wit in Nashville is called. Where’s the mental illness angle for this guy? The guy sounded resolved since he started giving his things away a while back. It was reported that he had cancer. Maybe his last dying wish was to go out in a bang. He can’t be a terrorist since his intent wasn’t to take others with him. He did have a sense of humor while taking himself out. None of the suicide bombers in the US gave warning to others, nor did they play a famous song while blowing themselves and others up, and there’s plenty out there that could have been played. “Downtown” for this nut case was as good as he was going to get.

  12. Nice job, Fur.
    And as a side note: the absolute worst site to link to, hands down, is Lifezette. I have yet to read more than three words there without being hijacked to some crazy ad site. The pop ups and flashing nonsense on that site could trigger an epileptic fit.

  13. Congrats on getting published in the intelligent and sensible AT, which I rely on for straightforward truth-telling and lie-questioning. Too bad the leftie nitwits you quote and answer in the article won’t read it…


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