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Bias Response Team, Activate!

The Black Student Union of Gettysburg College didn’t know how to respond to pro-life flyers being handed out by members of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). So they resorted to threats of violence if the university administration didn’t do something to restrain YAF’s free speech.


The administration handled the situation by forming what is known as a Bias Response Team, or restricting free speech by committee.

So what was YAF’s message that set off the rush to silence?

It was an attempt to inform students of the high rates of abortion in the black community.


An example of a Bias Response Team at Humbolt University

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  1. So the Black Student Union has a problem with the YAF warning of the high abortion rates in Black community. So the Black Student Union is then OK with the high rate of Black babies aborted. Margaret Singer must be grinning in her grave.

  2. They don’t want to face the truth about the Black Genocide. They don’t want to face the truth about the democrats have been using taxpayer funds to keep the black population down.

  3. I thought that #BlackLivesMatter-ed … I guess not.

    As long as the socialists are committing negro genocide, it’s OK?

    Got It.

  4. American college campuses today remind me of children playing grown-up. It really does take me back to listening to children reenacting common family life, except on the campus they are trying to mimic some sort of S.W.A.T. thing. With words and phrases like “Incident Response”, “Survivor”, etcetera, it sounds like they are playing “State of National Emergency.”

    They are all overdue for a spanking and a nap.

  5. death is freedom
    truth is hurtful

    When unable to formulate a logical response in defense of the indefensible, threaten violence and make the grown ups enforce your will for you.

  6. Maybe I’m interested in joining the Bias Response Team. Do we get to carry dangerous looking black rifles? Can we dress in Ninja gear? Do we get to zipline from helicopters onto the quad to rescue fair damsels upset by perceived biased comments? If so, that sounds pretty cool to me.

  7. So they don’t like someone’s words so they threaten physical violence…seems reasonable…to t two year old!

  8. There is one “Response Team” never activated the night of the Benghazi attack. 9/11/12
    The CIC left for Las Vegas to do some fund raising and the Sec. of State was on a single malt binge in Chappaqua,
    But that was a long time ago. And they were white lives.
    So what difference at this point, does it make?

  9. So if they handed out flyers with statistics on white babies being aborted, and left out the statistics for black babies, would that be okay? I have a feeling they would scream about that, too.

  10. Their point likely is that the nonviable tissue mass is not human, so it can’t be black or white.
    By the way, as a court has ruled that the nonviable tissue mass is not human Trump supporters will be suing YAF for printing lies.

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