Biased Journalists At NBC Can’t Understand Why Economy Is Doing Well Under Trump


While covering the stock market milestone of the Dow surging past 23,000 on Tuesday, the cast of Wednesday’s NBC Today seemed surprised that the economy could be doing so well despite all the “chaos in Washington” being created by President Trump.

“What’s driving it?” Co-host Matt Lauer wondered at the top of the segment, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle (formerly of CNBC) appeared on the morning show and explained: “Listen, it’s a big positive, the economy is humming along. It’s about corporate earnings. Corporate America is doing well. Interest rates are low, President Trump has a pro-business agenda.”


I guess they have to ramp up their reporting of how much chaos there is coming out of the white house in order to sink the economy… you know, for the good of the DNC.


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  1. Lib’s (media) wont understand this until they Realize, we “did well” in spite of Obama and his path to destruction. Now we are doing well because of Trump !!!

  2. I finally found something more nauseating than the lame stream media. At least when I got my nasal endoscope today I was numbed.


  3. They could look no further than the 2006 election, which, when electing the Dems collapsed the economy (they falsely blame Bush), and the election of Obama, which kept the economy down.

  4. There’s a whole lotta Harfing a goin on out there. About a whole lotta different topics. Including this one.

    Harfing: verb, To say or assert something so patently stupid and preposterous as to generate widespread mockery. Named in honor of former State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf.

    Marie has joined a growing line of people that prompt me to change the channel off FNC as soon as she appears or a statement made that she’s on next.

    The Urban Dictionary definition is completely accurate. I like it. Not her though. .

  5. Sound economics has always escaped the dimms. Not only do they not understand it they see it as an obstruction to their ends.

  6. The new FOX lineup is including a few Obama idiots to programming. A recipe for loosing even more users. I guess they don’t realize we’re already topped off with morons to have to avoid.

  7. the stock market has been inflating since the tarp bailout which is still going on through continuing resolutions rather than an actual budget. 9 1/2 trillion worth.

    Trumps pro business attitude and relaxation of business regulations has helped fuel the increase in employment and only the stock market as a by product of business growth.

    401 k’s that rose sharply can sink just as quick.

    massive market disruption and/or war is and may be the last play in the book for the nwo if their grip on power is ever meaningfully challenged and they start to lose it.

    that said where was all this navel gazing about the supposed growing economy under obama ? that when the growth should have seemed like a mystery.
    who are these people and why are they on tv spouting such drivel ?

  8. Organgrinder – Our local FOX affiliate here in St. Louis started off their segment on the stock market rise with; “What began with the 0bama administration…”

  9. Didn’t Mark Cuban predict that if Trump was elected the stock market would crash and possibly the earth may come to a fire end?

  10. I talk to about 75 CFO’s and CEO’s a week as part of my job. Since 2009, every time when the subject of the economy came up, I would use the catch-phrase “The New Depression” to describe it. It was NOT a “Great Recession” by any means.

    The bonus in saying The New Depression is that it subconsciously makes people think of Obama’s failed policies as being the same as Democrat Frank Roosevelt’s massive failure called the New Deal and his Great Depression.

  11. @Ed357 – I’m very impressed by Marie Harf. A very negative impression.
    Physically attractive enough, but I can’t stand her contortionists idiotic thinking. Someone, her parents may be, should sue, I think UVa, their tuition money was wasted. Fraudulently used. All she got was a Harfing certification.

  12. In RE : The headline,

    Maybe it’s because Trump knows what he’s doing
    and career democrats and the republican establishment


    Remember, those aforementioned groups
    hated Ronald Reagan as well
    Were too cowardly afraid to rebuke
    Ronaldus Magnus was

    The Great Communicator.

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