Bicycle Man Is On The Case!


Cyclist Tired Of Waiting For Bomb Squad Takes Matters Into His Own Hands.

Police received a report of a suspicious package that was left on a sidewalk in downtown Milwaukee. The bomb squad was deployed and the area was cordoned off while officers tried to determine whether or not the abandoned black backpack contained explosives.

One of the bomb squad technicians attached a cable to the bag and pulled it to the middle of the street and was preparing to move in and investigate. However, he was beaten to the backpack by a bicyclist who was tired of their slow and deliberate response to the abandoned bag.   Watch

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  1. If you’re going to call yourselves First Responders, GET IT DONE, so the second responders don’t have to step in. Don’t camp out and block traffic any more than you have to.

  2. Forget the Bomb Squad, this guy works cheap and has Ball’s of Steel.
    (He also gets right to business)

  3. Could have ended very badly for the bicycle man if the pack had been armed. But it looked very silly to have four guys body slamming him, too.

  4. Bongopoofter,
    They will hammer him because he upstaged Authority.
    Probably still being grilled and drilled 2 days later.
    His best option is to claim he is an illegal.

  5. I’m waiting for the press conference where the chief of police lavishes praise about the bravery of law enforcement. Just like Parkland.

  6. Geez guys – bomb squads are extremely careful for a reason. They know that the vast majority of packages aren’t bombs, but they have to protect themselves and civilians.
    This guy is a Darwin candidate.

  7. What the F is happening in Milwaukee? Did they cite the poor guy for littering after they gang-tackled him?

  8. They were pissed the hell off because they figure he just cheated each of them out of at least 25 hours of overtime pay.

    Goddamnded fools shutdown a school and evacuated an entire community because a housecat was seen sitting on a rock and some numbskull called in a mountain lion sighting. My suspicion is that they were using the call as pretext to run up a big overtime loaded paycheck.

  9. I would let the bomb squad do their work if it was in Detroilet. Not sure what the muzzie population is in Milwaukee.

    Would have been cool if he would have gotten back on his bike, then they could have had an OJ chase.

  10. Chickenshitters took a cheap shot when the kid had his back turned. No need for that, how many teeth did he lose because you had to be a jerk?

  11. Yeah, Bike Man was dumb, but jumping on the guy afterwards? Sheesh. They could have just said, “come here a minute.” lol

  12. Maybe the city will reward him with a Starbuck’s gift card and a roll of toilet paper. Geeze.

    Part of the reason for my previous post: Milwaukee police just released last night the bodycam footage of the NBA player tazing incident. Does not look good at all, started as a parking violation and the initial officer-on-scene seemed to escalate the situation very quickly, ended with multiple officers and a takedown/tazing.

  13. MYA

    Their Chicken Sh*t fear made them look bad. Because they are cowards! He merely put the exclamation point on YELLOW BELLY!

  14. face it, 99.999% of all backpacks are ‘benign’. I understand that LEO’s have to err on the side of caution, but they take situations to extremes.
    Case in point, every school/church/common area shooting … notice how, once the situation is diffused, how many LEO’s, from every jurisdiction within 100 miles, show up … in force w/ mass quantities of ‘Command Vehicles’, ‘Mobile Crisis Centers’ & heavy armored Assault Vehicles … your tax dollars (& enslavement) at work

  15. The guy was probably EOD in Iraq or something. Ya gotta get that sh*t outta the way. Steel cohones indeed. Lucky Charms.

    Same thing with car wrecks, too many cops at scene. I’m waiting for a wildcat tow truck operator to do this someday to end the 10 mile backup.

  16. Nutcase bike man and frustrated cops fantasizing about being NFL Tackles – a bad combination.


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