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Biden Admin Is Placing Vending Machines Filled With Drug Supplies in Rural Kentucky

WFB: The Biden administration is set to spend $3.6 million to deploy vending machines filled with drug supplies in rural Kentucky—an effort the Biden administration claims will reduce stigma for drug users.

The project from the National Institutes of Health was launched in August and will study the effectiveness of “harm reduction kiosks” in rural Appalachia that contain “injection equipment, naloxone, fentanyl test strips, hygiene kits, condoms, and other supplies.” The vending machines allow drug users to obtain items such as syringes without interacting with a health professional, in hopes of eliminating the “stigma” that comes with visiting an in-person harm reduction facility, according to the health agency.

The White House referenced the project in an August 31 press release on its actions taken “to address addiction and the overdose epidemic.” The administration has adopted a wide range of harm reduction policies, which aim to make illicit drug use safer rather than eliminate it.

The Washington Free Beacon in February reported that the Department of Health and Human Services was set to fund the distribution of crack pipes through a $30 million harm reduction grant program. The administration backed off the funding plans amid public backlash, and the New York Times reported that the uproar over plans to fund crack pipes “derailed” Biden’s drug policy agenda. The White House, however, still appears willing to adopt controversial harm reduction policies—the New York Times reported in July that Biden’s drug czar Dr. Rahul Gupta was supportive of legalized injection sites, which allow users to take drugs with supervision from health professionals. more here

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  1. Officer that isn’t a crack pipe in my pocket, it’s my PPE. Can’t you tell, it’s next to my safety glasses and gloves.

  2. I used to think “Futurama” having suicide booths in 1,000 years was a rather dark take on the direction we’re going, but what’s the difference between vending drug paraphernalia and assisting people in killing themselves?

    It’s a race between this government and Trudeau’s on who sets up the first suicide booth with the Canadians having an edge on us right now.

  3. I don’t think people that are users of drugs have a problem with stigma, why should they they’re high. And from my experience they don’t care about much of anything except for getting high, just ask some of their families.

  4. there’s definitely horse in the hinterlands, along with the now omnipresent Fentanyl, but they’re kind of fond of meth too, and naloxne has no effect on that at all.

  5. “The Biden administration is set to spend $3.6 million to deploy vending machines filled with drug supplies in rural Kentucky—an effort the Biden administration claims will reduce stigma for drug users.”

    There’s SUPPOSED to be a stigma attached to drug use.

  6. I have seen heroin addict before. Really, a hell of a lot of heroin addicts. I’ve known them as patients, as co-workers, as the children of friends, as relatives, as corpses in coffins. I’ve known them to consider themselves and their habits as filthy and disgusting, but the one thing I’ve NEVER known a heroin addict to be is shy about getting their fix, or the supplies for it. I’ve known heroin addicts to try to break into police stations to get their drugs back. Heroin addics have no problem robbing their family to feed their habit. A heroin addict would flip over the altar at a church during a service if he thought there was a syringe under it.

    I wouldn’t worry about a ‘stigma’ holding them back from seeking paraphernalia.

    “But Shadey, this is about harm reduction. They aren’t so down for getting that stuff”.

    “Injection equipment” is not well-defined in Pedo Hitler’s communique, but I read that as syringes, and they’d be up for that. They also aren’t for the most part TRYING to die (dead people can’t get high), so they’d be up for Fentanyl test strips, too. As for Naloxone, I knew husband and wife team with a shared interest in shooting up but conducted their “harm reduction” by taking turns Narcing each other out of overindulgences. They were all over Narcan for that purpose as soon as the state started dishing it out, so no shame there. (he fucked up the feng shui one day and overindulged in the driveway away from wifey, to be found dead by his son who got to watch Moms pump Dad’s chest futilely with her spindly arms, and I got to carry his corpse later because his druggie freinds couldn’t step up to even be pallbearers, but that’s a different story I’ve told in detail here before, so I’ll let it go).

    I carry Narcan for rescue purposes at work (yes, its come up), and I had to get it at a “harm reduction center”, which had no shortage of addicts trying to get me or anyone to help feed their monkey, so I wasn’t really getting a “shame” vibe there either.

    Not sure how you put Narcan in a vending machine anyway, since its a prescription drug. Yes, I got some, and I have a limited liability for administering it under Ohio law, but they still “prescribe” it to me for that purpose according to a protocol that includes rudimentary training. I don’t see how a vending machine can do any of that, and I don’t advise folks to narc someone unless they’ve at least been warned about how combative they can become.

    I don’t believe Democrats have good intentions, though. democrats do nothing but injure and destroy, they get off on it. So I assume the purpose here is to make it seem like “just another lifestyle” and give the illusion that the risks are managable, so more kids jump off the cliff in traditionally red areas.

    Harm reduction has its place.

    A vending machine in the boonies isn’t it.

  7. @ SNS

    I’m curious how the history of IOTW is at your fingertips.

    Do you save links and title them by their subjects so you can search them like a database?

    Please reveal your secret so we may learn from you.

    It seems a little OCD from a distance.

  8. Dadof4
    SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 AT 8:40 PM

    “It seems a little OCD from a distance.”

    …It’s VERY OCD.

    I have a good memory for completely useless stuff.

    I recall seeing an article before, in this case a disposable suicide capsule, and type a key word into the search block right under the iOTW banner, in this case suicide, et voila! I am then gifted with a winnowed selection of past articles to peruse, and can then generally find by headline with not too much bother.

    Like the Preacher in Ecclesiastes says, there is nothing new under the sun, and iOTW is like some Ancient Mariner who has seen it all. Why not use the site to comment on the site when relevant, saves rewrite time, promotes the sweep of iOTW, and being self-referential to the site being moderated isn’t likely to be moderated, n’est-ce pas?

    Saves me typing the same thing again too. And you reading it. Unless you want to…


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