Biden Admin Silent as Dozens of California Children Still Trapped in Afghanistan

41 elementary school students from the San Juan Unified School District still stranded.

Neon Nettle: Democrat Joe Biden’s administration has remained silent about the ongoing crisis involving dozens of California schoolchildren who are still trapped in terrorist-controlled Afghanistan.

At least 41 elementary school students from the San Juan Unified School District remain stranded in Afghanistan and fearing for their lives as they hide from the Taliban.

Rescuing the young kids is proving an impossible task, the Sacramento Bee reported Wednesday.

Rep. Darrel Issa’s (D-CA) office says it is continually pressing the Biden admin State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and even the White House to assist in their rescue.

However, the requests for help have been met with crickets. MORE

14 Comments on Biden Admin Silent as Dozens of California Children Still Trapped in Afghanistan

  1. The democrat party in general and the *iden administration in particular don’t give a shit about human life. They have all turned into a death cult.

  2. Go to our southern border and pick up a couple of cheap replacement kids, must be going cheap these days.

  3. FJB
    OCTOBER 7, 2021 AT 5:12 PM
    “Biden figures they never vote democrat after this so to hell with them.”

    They’ll vote Democrat when they’re dead.

    Everyone does.


  4. Tell Pedo one of the girls uses a jasmine scented shampoo.

    He’ll get them back THEN, but he WILL expect payment in virgins.

  5. Are they California children or the children of Afghan immigrants that happen to live in California but have an allegiance to their home country? I think there is a difference. No Americans would take their children to Afghan at this time for a holiday, something does not add up with this story.

  6. They should have been aborted at birth … or shortly thereafter … within … say, 16 years or so …

  7. The article says The Biden Admin is silent but really the media and 99% of Congress is totally silent and unwilling to put any pressure on this administration or expose them and it is absolutely disgusting.

  8. I expect kids to do stupid shit. The adults who came up with the idea and then dragged them to that God-forsaken hell-hole, tho’, need to be publicly horse-whipped.

  9. Hey , it has to be said that there were State Dept warnings about travel to and in Afghanistan going waaaayyy back . I understand some or all of these kids had family in Afg . That is one permission slip for a field trip I’d never sign . The DOD was my travel agent for 20 years , speaking from experience . The military contractors there knew the dangers and the changes were coming but chose to stay to squeeze out a few more of the big bucks . They should’ve bailed long about June . Yeah the Biden Admin fubar’d big time , but as another poster intimated , “that’s life in a war zone…”

  10. Joe Biden the lifelong pedophile is like the sinister ice cream truck operator who lures young kids with his bogus ice cream, waiting to pounce of those kids. The pedophile Biden and his corrupt accomplices have no intention of saving those kids and are likely keeping them captured for their own evil use and/or trafficking.

  11. Only in Californy could a school think it’s perfectly okay to send a bunch of kids to a wartorn Turd World Shithole run by Filthy Mohammedan Savages.

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