Biden Admin tells Americans that it’s soon time for their 10th Covid shot – IOTW Report

Biden Admin tells Americans that it’s soon time for their 10th Covid shot

Jordan Schachtel

The “experts” and bureaucrats on the FDA’s totally-not-compromised-by-Big Pharma vaccine committee have declared that there is a need for a 10th Covid shot in the Fall.

Yes, for those who adhere to FDA and CDC recommendations, people who stay true to “the science” will soon roll up their sleeves for a 10th Covid mRNA shot.

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  1. That dog won’t hunt this time. Their main reason for the Covid panic was to get rid of Trump and change election laws to push mail in ballots and ballot drop boxes through. They think (perhaps rightly so) that they now control the electoral system in America. Everybody felt the pain of the shutdown. People aren’t going to buy the bullshit again.

  2. Ain’t done one yet.
    See no reason to start now.
    STFD and STFU.

  3. Exactly, General Malaise. Probably all been placebo for at least a year. Trying to cover their tracks, keep making money, and keep grooming the population for undetermined future jabs. They have created a subculture of jabaddiction, almost a lifestyle. Or is it a deathstyle.

  4. The conservatives I know either refuse the suicide jab or have buyer’s remorse. On the other hand, brain dead libs brag about their shots. They’ll dutifully line up for the next round and will brag about that too. Fools.

  5. King Co WA tweeted a few days that there is an uptick of Covid and we all should start wearing masks again.

    Like, did anyone stop? I see the maskers all over still! Summer is here, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy it for once without a sweaty face diaper wrapped around your head?!?

    I have a friend (gay, liberal) in OH who has gotten everything. His last flu shot made him and his partner very sick…and yet they’ll get another one when it’s ready.

  6. Illustr8r

    They started pushing the mask thing hot and heavy here in NorCal right after the holidays. No audience participation. So they gave up. We still have an occasional slow learner down here that wears a face diaper. I’ve historically noticed they all seem to have something in common physically. They’re all pathetically out of shape. But the last couple weeks I’ve noticed the ones still wearing the masks are so sickly they’re going to die soon anyway so what’s the point.

  7. @Brad
    The majority of maskers here are college age kids or 30 yo tech workers. The demographic that really has nothing to worry about.

    I was in the grocery store the other day. Unmasked Parents (late 40’s, early 50’s) shopping with their masked daughter home from college. Bizarre. Masked daughter was very demanding and obnoxious. Go figure.

  8. Illustr8r

    How did we go from the age old belief that the best way to combat a virus is exposure for natural immunity to this crazy crap?
    Any way, I thought you might enjoy this story. My daughters an elementary school teacher in extreme NorCal. I asked her if they were forced to comply with all that bull crap protocol. She said nope, when they first started trying to implement it all the teachers and a bunch of parents showed up at a school board meeting and told them we’re not doing any of this, it’s stupid. There’s not a lot of money in that community. So here you have a case of the unwashed/uneducated masses showing more common sense then the highly educated you mention. At any rate the school board caved and left them alone. Pretty crazy world lately.

  9. I am proud to say I have taken eleven of the first nine shots and will certainly be taking twelve or possibly fourteen of the tenth. Now, where is that clot strainer? I just had it, wonder what I did with it? The cancers have backed off (for now) and the constant painful puckering of my anal sphincter is finally subsiding, it is clearly time for several more jabs of ‘the science’. Of course, my credentialing is limited so I can’t really be a spokes-muffin for the shots but I can say this: I’ve never felt more like I feel right now than I do right now.

  10. @Brad
    There is a glimmer of hope. One of Mr. Illustr8r’s co workers recently got Covid. His wife is expecting. Dude went to the dr thinking he should get PlaxCovid and a booster to protect his wife/baby from Covid.

    Dr basically said, “No we’re not doing that. PlaxCovid and Boosters don’t work and cause more problems than they are worth. Covid is a cold now. If it gets worse, come back. But you won’t. You’ll be fine.”


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