Biden administration keeps processing DACA applications, despite judicial order to stop

American Thinker:

By Monica Showalter

How determined is the Biden administration to let illegal aliens in?

Well, according to the latest report from Breitbart, determined enough to put in overtime to defy a judicial order.

Here’s the report:

President Joe Biden’s administration admits in court filings that illegal aliens were mistakenly approved for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in violation of a court order that deemed the program illegal.

On July 16, Judge Andrew Hanen ordered the Biden administration to effectively shut down the DACA program by blocking the federal government from allowing new applicants, illegal aliens who have not previously been enrolled, onto the program’s rolls.

In a court filing, first reported by the Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Acting Director Tracy Renaud admitted that in violation of the court order, the agency mistakenly approved nine illegal aliens for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and collected biometric data from 52 illegal aliens seeking enrollment.

The court filing, signed by Renaud, states:

On July 16, 2021, USCIS sent guidance to DACA adjudicators to cease granting initial DACA requests and related work authorization requests, as well as to cease scheduling biometrics appointments for initial DACA requestors. [Emphasis added]

Despite the messaging campaign, most of the scheduled requestors arrived at the [Application Support Centers] for the appointments throughout the week of July 19.

It’s a strange thing, seeing the federal government defy a judicial order in order to benefit foreign nationals illegally present in the country.  They claim it’s a “mistake,” but that doesn’t hold water. MORE

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  1. He is determined to wreak as much damage as he can. If there’s nobody to stop him, then he’ll keep on doing it.

  2. Should cancel my legal process and get a flight to mexico. That would undermine the country I would love to become a citizen of and just simply go against what I stand for. I will jump through the hoops and be able to sleep sound.

  3. Every bit of BULLSHIT we’ve had to endure since 1/21 is solely because of election fraud. Thanks FOX you RINO phucks!

  4. Laws don’t matter to democrats. The fucking DoJ won’t stop them. If a GOP POTUS defies even a district court order, the DoJ shuts them down. We live in a fucking tyranny whose center is the DoJ, period, because they let democrats break the law while using the law to destroy any enemies of democrats.

  5. Sounds like obvious contempt for the judiciary.
    Isn’t that criminal conspiracy to continue something the courts have ordered to cease?
    Apparently the House (since it hasn’t drawn up Articles of Impeachment) is colluding (or conspiring) with the executive to further these criminal acts.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Bathhouse Barry and company are are the march to Cloward Piven, laws be damned. Too bad the RINO party is going along for the ride.

  7. PS

    Does anyone think the Bakersfield bolshevik will actually so anything? He will shout and scream but do nothing! Joe and Nancy understand this AND EVER READER HERE should understand Kevin in his heart of hearts is a Biden boy! Remember how he kicked Liz off all her committees 4 weeks ago?!@#!?*

    As conservatives said about GWB 18 years ago, “ALL HAT AND NO CATTLE!”!


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