Biden Aided and Abetted China By Immediately Shutting Down Trump Administration Efforts To Prove Virus Came From Lab


Biden shut down Pompeo-led effort to prove theory COVID originated from Wuhan lab over concerns about quality of evidence: Trump says it was obvious that’s where virus came from.

  • Joe Biden’s team ended a State Department investigation into Wuhan lab
  • The investigation was begun by Mike Pompeo’s allies in fall and ran until spring 
  • Senior State Department officials were unaware of the existence of the inquiry
  • In January they asked an independent panel of scientists to evaluate findings
  • A three-hour meeting was held with the panel concluding the probe was flawed
  • Critics of the effort said it was overtly political and designed to burnish Trump 
  • Trump had long claimed that the Wuhan theory for COVID-19 was likely
  • Many scientists initially disregarded the theory but are now accepting it 
  • Supporters of the investigation insisted it was genuine and well executed
  • Biden’s team in February or March decided to end their research
  • The Wuhan theory is gaining traction: Trump Tuesday said he felt vindicated
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13 Comments on Biden Aided and Abetted China By Immediately Shutting Down Trump Administration Efforts To Prove Virus Came From Lab

  1. Mark Levin recently called Joe Biden “The Human Pandemic”

    I like it, I hope it catches on.

  2. “…Trump Tuesday said he felt vindicated”

    …that’s nice.

    …but a pedophile is still “president”

    …and America still languishes under a fraud-based, quasi-medical tyranny that is bent on sterilizing everyone it doesn’t kill, while an untested, uninspected, and deliberately unvaccinated replacement population pours across the border unabated.

    Nice moral victory, but you don’t win wars with moral victories.

    …I’d say he could have it carved on his tombstone, but I’m really not sure there will be anyone left that knows HOW to when it’s all over, and CERTAINLY no one in the submissive and illiterate population that could read it even if they WANTED to, so enjoy it while you can, it ultimately means nothing and will be tech buried by the end of the day…

  3. Shocked, SHOCKED I am that China-bought-and-paid-for Xho Bai-Den would do his paymaster’s bidding instead of searching for the truth!

  4. Ring, ring ,ring.
    Biden: Hello
    Xi: Joe, it’s Xi, your leader and paymaster. I command you to shut that shit down now, or Hunter and James are cut off. You don’t have to be told what that’ll do to your percentage.
    Biden: Yes master, your loyal and faithful servant will see to it at once.

  5. Still ask the Lord for his mercy and expose the Fraud-In-Chief. 🙏

    Trump did not concede, maybe I’m too hopeful, but maybe one day he will be reinstated as the rightful President.

    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Has there been even INE single Biden policy that actually helps Americans?
    I guess you could argue stimulus, but that was kinda unnecessary and inflationary and wasteful.

  7. The original death cannot be investigated as China have refused to allow any examination therefore they do not know what they are investigating and all vaccines would be off the mark although the basics were done back in 2017.
    This has been a total fraud since it started,some people should start examining their consciences and the church should at least start praying.We don’t even appear to have a media anymore.They just keep skirting the issue,going round in circles,nobody wants to know and the public doesn’t even care,I don’t see why God should but he is the only one that can get us out of this mess.

  8. i am finished with this charade. arrest him, try him, execute him, pelosi, schumer, harris, waters, leaders of blm and antifa, deep state leaders and and and


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