Biden Announces He’s Running for Senate in South Carolina, Leaves Voters Worried

WJ: Potential South Carolina Democratic primary voters were no doubt left confused Tuesday night after former Vice President Joe Biden asked them to support his Senate candidacy.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Biden, of course, hasn’t been a senator since he was inaugurated in 2009 as Barack Obama’s vice president.

Sure, he represented Delaware in the upper chamber of Congress for more than three decades prior to that. But 11 years is a long time, which makes his comments Tuesday all the more confusing.

According to the Washington Examiner, the head-scratching moment came as Biden spoke at the South Carolina Democratic Party’s First in the South Dinner. read more

14 Comments on Biden Announces He’s Running for Senate in South Carolina, Leaves Voters Worried

  1. Wot?
    150 Million Americans have been murdered by guns since 2007, and you guyz be shittin yer drawers cuz I misspoke myseff?

  2. If Joe doesn’t take SC Saturday in light of the largest rag endorsing Buttigiggles, the DNC will have to make a decision. I hope they make Clyburn give Joe the news.

  3. His marbles fell out and rolled behind the refrigerator years ago! Jackass Joe shouldn’t even be running…PERIOD! He’s just trying to protect his big bag of gold that he stole from the over-taxed payers of this country! The man has desperation flop sweat running off of him trying to stay two steps ahead of President Trump!!

  4. He was running on amphetamines last night. Did you notice his squinty ‘angry’ eyes during the debate? He looked like he could take a swing at someone.

  5. Not sure why anyone would think this is a head scratching moment. It’s natural that his cognitive abilities are impaired, he is like 157 years old!

  6. “which makes his comments Tuesday all the more confusing”

    if you think you are confused imagine how ole joe feels all the time.

    he’s got a bad case of the ole timers disease going.


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