Biden Attacked by Cicada

The military entourage showed off their finely tuned reflexes dodging the pesky insect, whose brethren have returned with a vengeance this summer. more

18 Comments on Biden Attacked by Cicada

  1. O Holy Fuck, did you see the way he wouldn’t stop shaking hands with the female. Then kept going back to her. JFC, he is the creepiest creep, ever.

  2. Plus, I’ve never seen such sloppy looking members of the military (both he and she). Are we sure they are even real? They look like extras from some Hollywood B movie.

  3. Are female officers wearing their hair like hula girls now or is that an order from the Resident?

    I thought Jill was about to fall and break a hip, graceful on high heels she isn’t.

  4. Gee, I wonder if he’ll present the queen a U.S. dvd of his speeches?
    Attack of the killer cicadas!
    Wasn’t jima cahtuh attacked by a swimming rabbit or something?

  5. Anyone know how to make a drone that looks and flies like a cicada, but can tear open the throat of a pedophile once it gets close enough?

    Just a hypothetical question for a comedy I’m writing, totally off-topic, sorry…

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