“Biden” Bear Likes To Sniff Girl’s Hair

They did to the bear what they should do to Biden.

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  1. No, this isn’t what the girls should do when Uncle Joe smelled their hair. They should punch him in the nose and try to get some distance. Joe isn’t nearly as formidable as a bear. He will cave at the least opposition.

  2. At least those women were smart enough to be scared. If they were your average city-dwelling tourist at Yellowstone, they would be taking selfies with the bear.

  3. Uncle Al
    Doesn’t look like he was sniffing THAT hair.

    The bear sure as hell didn’t deserve to die. And yet on the other hand an extremely dangerous animal. Hopefully they relocated him far from people.

  4. Note to self: Don’t go hiking while riding the cotton pony. Seriously, the bear was only sniffing the one girl. She was obviously surfing the crimson tide. Shark week: not just the time to avoid the ocean, stay outta the damn woods, too!

  5. Ah ha. I knew I was right after the park ranger gave me this advice about encounters with bears, “Black bears usually run away as soon as they see you”. And I pointed out, “You do know, don’t you, that the word ‘usually’ doesn’t mean the same thing as “always’?”

    Whatever you do, don’t run. Food runs. Never ever carry any kind of food in your pocket. And it’d be better to not wear clothes you wore earlier when cooking a meal. Roaming around in bear country smelling like bacon is probably not a good idea. Yikes.

  6. About 20 or so years ago a black bear showed up at a local grade school where it climbed up a pear tree and was eating pears. ODFW came in and darted the bear and relocated him about 70 miles away. Great fun, kids watched the whole thing from the safety of their classrooms, and gave the bear a name. Three days later, the bear showed up again, and this time ODFW shot it and killed it. Kind of like felons, it’s hard to rehabilitate them.

  7. @Tony R – a somewhat similar thing periodically happens at at rest stop on I-77.

    Bears come there, people feed them. The bears lose their fear of people. The DNR captures them, trucks them miles away. Most of them eventually find their way back to the same rest stop after some number of days. Or to some similar place nearer to where they were released, camp site, or picnic area. Then the DNR has to kill the bear before it attacks someone who doesn’t have a handout for it.

    My bet is people had been feeding the bear that gave the young woman the Biden treatment.

  8. Hmmm, there are several longer YT videos of this event. The bear seems to be a domesticated bear, named Otto, trained to do this for tourist to get selfies. (perhaps illegally). A male voice, off camera, is heard calling “Otto, no no.” When ever the bear becomes a little to Biden-like. Still risky. But, who knows, videos can be overdubbed with any kind of audio, real or fake.

    But, there is another video with a Romanian girl ( a brunette Goldilocks girl – All the right stuff in the right places) that seems to be the real deal, not interacting with a trained bear.

    She gets out of her car to attempt to hand feed a wild bear, that appears to be used to getting handouts. She runs round her car when the bear lunges at her before she gets close enough for the bear to take the food from her hand. However, since the bear doesn’t follow her round the car, maybe it too isn’t what it seems. Or maybe the bear knows he doesn’t need to burn energy to get food as one of the following cars will provide snack.

  9. I have a friend that was attacked by a black bear. He was walking in the woods with his thirty-ought-six. He heard something behind him so he turned around and a black bear was charging him, shot him in the chest, the thing went down then got back up and charged him again then he shot him again then it ran off. He called State Police and they grilled him for hours, (my friend not the bear) but in the end let him off. Yeah, usually is not the same as always, very rare though.

  10. Trump Bear grabs them by the pssy
    “Biden Bear” sniffs their hair.
    Since you are trying to dig at Biden,
    you should compare both bears.


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