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Biden Blaming Putin for Coming Global Famine


During a NATO press conference in Madrid [Transcript Here], today Joe Biden specifically attributed the upcoming global food shortage to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Biden was emphatic when responding to a question about oil costs, western nation energy development and the pending food shortage. More

19 Comments on Biden Blaming Putin for Coming Global Famine

  1. Joe sure is lucky he has Vlad to blame for everything. (As if anyone is buying it.)

    The United States is no longer a legitimate country while he is in ‘office.’

  2. If you listen to that flaming Jackass Joe you’d think that Vladimir Putin wuz the most powerful man on planet Earff! Gosh Wally, there isn’t a thing he can’t do!

  3. Somebody ought to tell this fool that the more he bad-mouths Putin, the higher the price is going to be to get that garbage person Brittney Griner back.

    Obama gave up 4 high-ranking Taliban generals for one deserter, that is how dems negotiate.

    If I was Putin I’d ask for all cash, and something totally insulting;

  4. Biden’s Marxist globalist handlers are to blame for purposefully causing our food problems in order to better rule us under Marxism. I even blame Biden’s globalist handlers for the war in the Ukraine. Our Republic’s #1 enemy in the world by far is in DC.

  5. I looked at a global map. Ukraine is about the size of Texas. How can a war in that country affect the global food supply?…unless Sundance is right.

  6. If he stops blaming Putin he no longer has an illegitimate reason to send more billions of your money to Ukraine.

  7. Russia is the democraps all blame night stick target. It’s getting old and predictable. They need a new story line plot.

  8. Remember when the democrat jag offs blamed everything on COVID? That got old so now all problems are because of Putin. No personal responsibility in any way.

  9. Taffyhead Biden admitting a global famine
    is coming

    Has TAFFYHEAD warned the American people?
    Are the American people entitled to be WARNED?
    Does TAFFYHEAD give a shit?

    Is Biden on your side?

  10. When the Great Hunger starts, I’m going to the liberal ruling class to get my food. I’ll be damned if they are going to eat like kings.

  11. Does stealing an election make someone President?

    This entire administration is NULL and VOID.

  12. Joe Biden has long since been known among his colleagues and real global leaders of being a very stupid guy who bets on himself. He is nothing less than being worthy of mocking and ridicule.

  13. As our home-grown communists propel our nation towards communism, they blame other communists for the results of their embrace of communism.

    When the bottom is reached, the answer, will be communism.

  14. @General Malaise July 1, 2022 at 9:59 pm

    > Does stealing an election make someone President?
    > This entire administration is NULL and VOID.


    But The Rank And VFile(TM) are still an heroes.

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