Biden Calls for Iran Sanctions Relief Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

U.S. sanctions do not prevent Iran from importing medicine, humanitarian aid.


Former vice president Joe Biden is calling on the Trump administration to provide economic sanctions relief to Iran, falsely claiming the administration’s measures are preventing Iran from importing medicine and humanitarian aid to combat the coronavirus.

Biden, in a statement issued Thursday, said that despite the Iranian regime spending billions of dollars on arming regional terror groups, the United States should create special financial channels to allow Tehran access to the global banking system.


The Trump administration has never applied sanctions to humanitarian aid or medicine. It also made several offers of assistance to Iranian leadership, which the regime turned down. read more

10 Comments on Biden Calls for Iran Sanctions Relief Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

  1. So Joey wants to help people who would kill him in a heartbeat? Will he personally deliver the aid?

  2. Can we possible get any relief from joey shooting off his mouth with all the idiot ideas he’s been thinking lately. He’s dumber than dirt and dumber than rocks, at least rocks can cry out to God if they need to. Joey, doesn’t believe in anything except himself and that he’s smarter than the rest of us which I highly doubt. And this supposedly is the best the democraps can do. An atomic wedgie and being run up a very high flagpole in his whitey tighties would work just as well.

  3. @geoff the aardvark, I think we actually WANT Moe Joe to keep talking, as much as we are sick of hearing him.

  4. So aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of crisis, bet this talking point came directly from the mouth of the Great Depleter himself as Pedo Joe is incapable of an original thought. The Magic Black Jesus strikes again.

  5. Instead of pallets of cash let’s send Joe there to help them with his leadership. Strap him to a pallet, put chutes on it and kick him out the door!

  6. The WuHan Coronavirus might do what alll the Western super powers have been unable or unwilling to do in Iran……

    Regime change.

  7. We know biden said nothing – he’s like stephen hawking at the end of his life, when leftist caregivers started literally putting words in his mouth about global warming.
    In any event, this is a taste of what treason is to come if another democrat is elected.

  8. If anything turn the screws tighter. Increase ALL the Sanctions and BREAK this TERRORIST REGIME once and for all.


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