Biden calls off Trump brawl

BPR: Much to the disappointment of liberals everywhere, former Vice President Joe Biden has nixed the idea of an after-school brawl with President Trump.

In fact, the Democrat regretted his remark, adding that he did not want to “get down in the mosh pit” with Trump, during an interview with Pod Save America.

Referring to the Access Hollywood tape of President Trump making crude comments about women, Biden told a group of University of Miami college Democrats last week that he would have “beat the hell out of him” if they were in high school.

Trump slammed back in a tweet, warning Biden that “he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way,” if he attempted to take him on.

Biden earned plenty of backlash for his macho talk, but was asked about naming the imaginary fight in a tongue-in-cheek segment of the podcast. Suggestions included “Scranton Squabble,” “MAGA Saga,” “1600 Punchsylvania Avenue,” and “The Big F***ing Duel.” The former Delaware senator listened to the choices and appeared to be amused by some, such as “Spar-A-Lago,” but finally interjected.

“I think they’re all good, guys,” Biden said. “But what I did say was – the way this came up – and I shouldn’t have said what I said because I don’t want to get down in the mosh pit with this guy. ” more here

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  1. What a retard. He’s the one who moshed the pit then, when plugs is called out, he points the finger at the guy he tried to mosh with.

  2. Biden got so much flack from his comment, he already lost the fight and has conceded.

    A man would have apologized, but we’re talking about Joe Biden.

  3. HEY HEY HEY! Keep that violent rhetoric down! It’s unbecoming of a former Vice President! Extremely childish and exposes his true bullying mentality.

    That’s would would have been said if Biden was a Republican.

  4. He conceded after President Trump called him and said: “Joe, I don’t need an act of Congress to build a shoe store in your ass and grind a cigarette out on the carpet!”

  5. “Pod save America”? Is that a real thing? Tide pods or IPod?

    Anyway, now Joe Biden is a “noble guy” for saying that. Like with the “When they go low we go high” mantra, Lefts have a way to provoke us and when we answer back we are the bad guys.

  6. Mr Cesspool doesn’t want to get in the mosh pit. Even though he asked for it.
    FU Joe and your total trash family.

  7. I’m not askairt.
    Is jus taht his SS guys are still on the job, an mine aren’t.
    I’v bin in fights where I bin nockt unconscience, an that don’t bother me, none.
    Cuz, I’m like, y’know, like a mexican … but im not mexican – sort of Irish – yea that’s it. Hard-headed in the good sort a way.

    Shit – I ben beat up by all kinds a guys (some girls, too) and Trump coundt’n do no worser than some a them.
    but my advertisers said it lookt bad for the home teme so their it is.

  8. His junkie alcoholic son is banging his dead sons old lady and took all the dead sons loot. And Joey from Scranton is directing the whole play. Hes a bag of shit.

  9. The mouthy old pedophile most likely got a visit from the Secret Service and one of Trumps lawyers.

    What a dip shit moron. Second banana to a fraud preezy.

  10. 72 hours incommunicado in a Federal cell while the SS “investigates” his threats of physical assault against the elected sitting President would do Plugs good.

    Probably the alcohol withdrawal alone would send him into seizures. Hopeless degenerate alcoholic.

    The Left must be eradicated.
    Not humbled. Not temporarily delayed.

  11. Old fart prolly had an old FBI guy show up at his house and show him some old photos of Mr. Trump boxing at Military School.


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