Biden Campaign Doubles Down: Black Reporter ‘Deserving’ of ‘Junkie’ Comment

Breitbart: Joe Biden’s campaign doubled down on the candidate going on offense against a reporter after he asked if Biden has submitted to a cognitive assessment.

Axios reported an unnamed Biden campaign official said in response, “It was a preposterous question deserving of a response that showed the absurdity of it all.”

Earlier in the day, Biden made an appearance with the National Association of Black Journalists, and Errol Barnett asked if the presumptive Democrat nominee has undergone a mental exam.

“No, I haven’t taken a test! Why the hell would I take a test? C’mon, man!” Biden lashed out.

Biden then challenged Barnett, “That’s like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?”

Barnett didn’t take Biden’s bait and instead asked Biden to respond to President Trump touting his results from a cognitive assessment.

Biden accused the reporter of trying to “goad” him, before saying, “I’m so forward-looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president — or stand with the president — in debates,” he insisted (emphasis added).

“I am very willing to let the American people judge my physical, mental fil–my physical as well as my mental fil–fitness,” he concluded.

Former White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson previously aired concerns about Biden’s apparent mental state.

16 Comments on Biden Campaign Doubles Down: Black Reporter ‘Deserving’ of ‘Junkie’ Comment

  1. What!?!?!?

    Joe didn’t think Errol Barnett was a mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy???

  2. A man who raised the likes of cocaine fiends Hunter Biden and Ashley Biden asking someone if they are a junkie. Bwahahahaha!

  3. Them black junkies are like those brown guys in all the 7-11’s and racist is as racist does; right Joe?

  4. He’s so far out of it, he knows not what he is saying.

    And besides, that whole cocaine / are you a junkie exchange is YUGELY racist! Think the media will jump on it? Naaahhh, neither do I.

  5. So it was fine to ask a much younger Trump to prove his mental fitness but Joe Biden at ten years older and exhibiting great signs of mental decline is right to act like that would be the most insane suggestion ever by viciously attacking a reporter. AND he even didn’t recall it was Don Lemon not Trump that can’t tell the difference between animals on the test. Along with further not being able to recall he said he was constantly taking cognitive tests.

  6. It’s fun watching the journos try to artfully spin Biden’s massive gaffes, only to see a Biden minion swagger in and shit all over their spin with, “No, Joe meant exactly what he said”. It’s got to be depressing.

    But the journos will keep carrying Joe’s water, and Joe’s minions will keep kicking their buckets over. Until one day soon, Joe kicks the bucket himself

  7. Anyone else notice how Biden behaved just like Biden of years ago when pissed off? I did’t notice any confusion when he was on the attack.

  8. True, Tiger Eyes, That Errol dude was lucky he wasn’t in the same room with cranky Joe. Errol would have gotten poked in the chest and challenged to pushups. I think Joe’s handlers have noticed that Joe’s been looking a little wan lately, and they told him to pep it up on TV. Big mistake.

  9. Isn’t cocaine a white powder? Doesn’t that make cocaine racist? Maybe that is what Mad Wanna Be King Joe was going for? Makes just about as much sense

  10. If Errol was a Hispanic ol Joe could have had some complex intellectual dialogue to fully explain his reasoning.

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