Biden Campaign Tries to Spin Ukraine Narrative with Hastily Created Website

Breitbart: Joe Biden’s campaign is attempting to spin the narrative around his son’s work in Ukraine with a hastily created website as the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry continues to heat up.

The former vice president, who is already trying to salvage his foreign policy credentials after revelations about Hunter Biden’s wheeling and dealing overseas, launched a new website on Thursday to spin the narrative emanating from the inquiry.

The site, in particular, attempts to push back on allegations that Hunter Biden’s service on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian oil and gas giant, intersected with the former vice president’s political influence in eastern Europe. To that end, the site aggregates news storiesfrom maistream media outlets such as NBC, ABC News, and The Washington Post  portraying the Biden’s conduct as ethical—under a “facts” header.

The site, which is titled ‘Just the Facts, Folks proclaims:

There’s a lot of misinformation and lies out there, so welcome to the one stop shop for the facts about Joe Biden. Stay informed about the truth Trump and his special interests are trying to distract from.

Despite the lofty goal, the website has the appearance of a campaign ad rather than a fact sheet. Rather than addressing the alleged conflicts of interest between Hunter and Joe Biden head on, the site attempts to pass off the opinions of partisan figures, like former Obama administration speechwriter Jon Favreau, as “facts.” Added to the mix is that half the front page is devoted to television ads the Biden campaign has recently launched, most of which deal in generic campaign themes. read more

16 Comments on Biden Campaign Tries to Spin Ukraine Narrative with Hastily Created Website

  1. “…the site aggregates news stories from mainstream media outlets such as NBC, ABC News, and The Washington Post…”

    …all of which made sure that any rare mention of Biden & Ukraine was immediately preceded by “Conspiracy Theory” and followed by “No Evidence”. Perfect for Joe’s little Circular Reporting Whitewash.

    And why is Joe having to do this? The MSM has virtually blacked out the story for two months. Word must be getting out somehow.

  2. “…his special interests are trying to distract from.”

    Mr. propositions ends his sentence with a preposition

  3. This was supposedly on Biden’s new website:

    “At this defining moment in our nation’s history, it’s going to take Joe Biden’s strong leadership to defeat Donald Trump and unite America overseas, separating families at the border, protecting corporations and the wealthy over the middle class, and threatening our democracy by pressuring foreign nations to interfere in our elections.”

    So…Joe is going to separate families at the border, protect corporations and the wealthy, and pressure foreign nations to interfere in our elections? It’s great that a Democrat nominee finally has a platform, but I don’t think this will appeal to his liberal voter base. On the other hand, I could be wrong about this.

  4. This is a one-way site…meaning there is no way to comment. It’s push push push, propaganda horse manure all the way. Tone deaf like multiple other Democrat/Communist websites.

    Way to go Joe, you even have horse sh_t coming out your ears now.

  5. Is that comic sans serif on that site? HA HA! Does he have an IT team or does he have an 8 year old grandkid doing his online presence?


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