Biden caught maskless inside upscale DC restaurant in violation of indoor mask mandate

On Saturday night, President Joe Biden was caught maskless dining with First Lady Jill Biden inside the upscale Fiola Mare restaurant in Washington, DC, in apparent violation of the district’s indoor mask mandate.

DC still requires all indoor diners to wear a mask unless they’re actively eating and drinking. The president was filmed walking around without a mask.

The video shows Biden moving about the restaurant, a case where a mask must be worn, according to The Washingtonian. The reinstated indoor mask mandate went back into effect on July 31 in Washington, DC, following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s updated masking guidance that month. more here

16 Comments on Biden caught maskless inside upscale DC restaurant in violation of indoor mask mandate

  1. Say it ain’t so, Joe! What would your mother say? You must think you’re the F’ing president or somethin. FJB forever.

  2. Remember folks, The Biden’s, Like the Guests at Barry’s 60th birthday bash are “More sophisticated” attendees.

  3. Hypocrisy & senility aside, it is very telling that the husk & the good doctor are able to dine in expensive eateries. As do all of the other politicians while the everyday person is lucky to get a shitty cheeseburger from a dump greasy spoon because you know, covid. And, most regular restaurants have closed or are on the verge of, with the supply chain failing. But, does this bother the husk & his minions? Not at all, as they are all set in their bubble, stealing every penny they can while toasting themselves over how smart they all think they are. It sounds like a joke, but jokes are supposed to be funny. We are being led, if it can be called that, by a group of incompetent jackasses who care for nothing except themselves.

  4. The longtime known chronically lying pedofile-supremacist and his tawdry cankled wife once again displaying their vile hypocrisy against Americans. Typical.

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