Biden Colonoscopy Results Show Benign ‘Potentially Precancerous’ Growth Removed

DW: President Joe Biden’s doctor on Wednesday released the results of the president’s colonoscopy.

Biden’s colonoscopy discovered a 3-millimeter polyp, which the president had removed, according to a memo from Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who serves as Physician to the President.

“The following is released with permission of the patient,” O’Connor wrote in his memo.

“As previously reported in my 19 November 2021 memorandum. President Biden had a benign appearing 3 mm polyp removed from his ascending colon. The specimen was sent for histologic examination,” the president’s physician wrote.

The doctor continued, “The excised specimen has been identified as a tubular adenoma. This is similar to the polyp which he had removed in 2008. A tubular adenoma is a benign, slow-growing, but thought to be potentially pre-cancerous lesion for which no further action is required at this time. Routine surveillance is recommended for this finding. Typically, repeat colonoscopy in 7 to 10 years is recommended.” more here

25 Comments on Biden Colonoscopy Results Show Benign ‘Potentially Precancerous’ Growth Removed

  1. He IS a cancer.

    And he’s metastasized into every agency, every business, the entire economy, and into every part of the armed forces as well.

    The prognosis is poor, especially since he’s infected the former health care system as well.

  2. I didn’t realize I was that close to Resident-in-chief Poopy Pants. They removed a couple of small precancerous polyps when I had my last … Nevermind, too much information. Corn Pop!! Leg Hair!! Can I get some chocolate ice cream?

  3. Xi must have lost a diamond from his ring while he was rooting around up his puppet’s ass.

    Fuck em Both!

  4. What….!!!!
    Another brain operation….Stroke….????
    Maybe we need to send cards….
    Get Well, Condolence, or Sympathy….????
    From Brandon….LGBFJB.

  5. Are they still cleaning up after the preparation?
    That day of preparation with the industrial strength laxatives iOS rough enough when one has control of one’s bowels.

  6. And to think that only a few short years ago they pulled Jackass Joe out of a Kenyan’s ass!
    Itz a miracle I tell ya!

  7. Why the f@(k didnt they do this procedure BEFORE he visited the Vatican. Holy Shit, Im still nauseous


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