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Biden Crime Family Seems to Be Preparing an “Evil Twin” Defense

Jonathan Turley

It is now clear that the President has continued to lie about his lack of prior knowledge of Hunter’s foreign dealings. It is also clear that the family has received money from deals in China and other foreign countries. That leaves the President with only categorical denials in the face of growing evidence to the contrary.

What is also clear is that the Bidens ran one of the most lucrative and blatant influence peddling operations in history. Influence peddling is the favorite form of corruption in Washington, but the Biden family is truly in a class to itself . . . unless there is that evil twin Biden family that continues to undermine the First Family. Continues

21 Comments on Biden Crime Family Seems to Be Preparing an “Evil Twin” Defense

  1. These are death penalty crimes. No shit.


    I can only assume they all have goatees. Even Jill.
    Sorry, Doctor Jill.

  3. The only thing Jill Biden ever doctored is her tax returns.

  4. “Yeah, but Hunter Biden has never been nor will he ever be President so it doesn’t matter!”

    Yeah, but selling access to the person who is DOES matter.

  5. Yikes! —

    Federal Laws Providing for the Death Penalty —
    htt ps://

  6. Stop calling Pedo “the President”.

    Because he’s not and never will be and everyone knows it, including him.

    That is the biggest and most continuous lie of all.

  7. SloJoe has a history of corruption.

    Don’t forget he threatened to withhold funding unless a prosecutor was taken off the Burisma investigation when he was VP. Then bragged about it on TV.

    He should have done jail time for that.

  8. With all the excitement everyone was jumpin the gun, including daddy dearest. This was out last Friday that they were not done yet. In fact it might not even happen this week. But isn’t the suspense a killer. Hold on & keep a fresh pair of Depends handy it will be coming soon.

  9. ^^ “Don’t forget he threatened to withhold funding unless a prosecutor was taken off the Burisma investigation when he was VP”

    ukraine would look a lot different today if he hadn’t done that.
    and he got away with it
    a lot of people are dying because of his family’s, and other’s, corruption in and of Ukraine
    and they’re still making money from it

  10. The Bidens are so dirty it’s a miracle the MSM has managed to keep a lid on it this long.

  11. Next bus stop NeverNeverland. Here one can make the insane truly believable. America’s #1 crime family next stop reality, New York City. Looks like their in for some Stormy weather. No moe QuarterPounders with cheese or KFC for the fat boy. He’ll be put on a strict diet of baloney sandwiches. Yummy, rat hairs are free of course.

  12. ^^ Jeremy – keep holdin your breath for that. But I s’pose following the rules is something foreign to the current AG in NYC, so who knows what will happen – or the response…

  13. In over seven decades of observation I have never seen such a blatant display of corruption and downright treason committed by a politician at any level, and I’ve seen a great deal of it at the local, state and federal levels. Selling out one’s country for filthy lucre is the lowest form of humanity on earth. And, there is a long list of others who stood by and let it happen, or aided and abetted. They are no better than the principle actors. If there is no punishment our country is indeed done.

  14. Anyone paying any attention to the scene has known for quite some time that Jackass Joe is a filthy, crooked, lying, dumb bastard who was a cheat and dullard in school and on throughout his life. What this should really demonstrate to the American people is that the Complicit, Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media is so thoroughly corrupt it is completely beyond redemption!

  15. You got it the filthy fucking pig will soon be on trial for campaign fund misuse & election tampering, lock the prick up.

  16. Did you see the Clip of Biden today getting asked about the Deals?
    I mean today March 20, 2023 that played on TV
    You know the one where he was asked if the Stories are True.
    He said “It’s not true” replying with abvious wordplay.

    IOTW Prediction:
    Within the upcoming Time Frames
    The following will occur
    Joe Biden will develop a Southern Carolina Accént
    (Just like that Carolina Finacial Fraudsturd of Carolina)
    Hunter Biden buys a guarddog
    Jill takes the Pills
    The rest is for the history book coming

  17. Next thing you know, they are going to try and blame it on Barney the Dinosaur.

  18. Not a single flying ‘f’ is given about Joe Biden’s claims of ‘innocence’ from the majority of Americans for this pedophile-crook-bum.

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