Biden Declares “essence” Of His War Story Is True


Former Vice President Joe Biden is unapologetic for fabricating an emotional story about the war in Afghanistan, claiming its “essence” is true.

Biden, who is under fire after The Washington Post exposed a story he told about pinning a medal on a reluctant Navy officer as inaccurate, defended his conduct while campaigning in South Carolina on Thursday.

“I don’t understand what they’re talking about, but the central point is it was absolutely accurate what I said,” Biden told The Post and Courier when asked about the controversy. “He refused the medal. I put it on him, he said, ‘Don’t do that to me, sir. He died. He died.’” More

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  1. Biden also declares he and Bathhouse Barry’s eight years of leadership were historic successes. Lending credence to the suspicion that Mr. Toughguy is in serious decline.

  2. It’s just as true as his recollection about his time in the Korean War. Remember what he said about that other war hero? “Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life”

  3. “We have to tell the lie in order to advance the narrative” (or was it “agenda”?)

  4. Premise #1: Biden’s story is shit.
    Premise #2: Shit is true.
    Conclusion: Biden’s story is true.

    Hmm. I see that something can be both logical and misleading.

  5. You blithering idiot.Essence. Noun:
    In Philosophy: “A property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist or be what it is.” What the Fuck?
    Essence. Noun.
    “An extract or concentrate obtained from particular plant or other matter (story) and used for flavoring the scent.”
    Damn, there isn’t a day I come to IOTW REPORT that I don’t learn something.
    Hey Joe: Gettofuckouttahere!

  6. “I was fighting the Selenites with Lord Custer back in the Boer war and I was told by George Washington to bury some of the Furies who fought valiantly on our side. They were the finest Furies I have ever known, valiant, kind, brave, and warm. They didn’t want to be buried because they are godesses and weren’t really dead, but just really tired.

    My word as a Bidet. And this is essentially true because I was high as fuck on some One Hit Wonder”.

  7. ANN

    Joe and his folk are “nose blind”! But I think Mustard Gas or phosgene are better.
    Hey 520-051 years ago I killed for America; I believed in it then; still do! Antifa is willing to kill me; I return the favor!

  8. Joe is channeling Dan Rather (“Fake but Accurate”) … one of the founding moments of the Fake News business.


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