Biden does it again- “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community”

27 Comments on Biden does it again- “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community”

  1. OMG, what a fkn moran. LOL
    Way to lose an election even better than the Hilldabeast.
    I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Asians.

  2. PDT/Repubs need to do a commercial where they play Joe saying this, then show a highly diverse group of black people saying “Joe Biden doesn’t believe the African-America community is incredibly diverse.” or something like that. the longer, the better. each person gets to say one word of the sentence.

    get a light featured woman in an Omar get-up, a guy in dreds, woman w/ a Caribbean accent, black cop, black firefighter, minister, construction worker, volunteer, etc… the more ‘diverse’, the better

    … the more blacks see that, the more they’ll leave the d’rat plantation

  3. I watched the extended version, just for those who will say it was out of context, and nothing is lost in the short version. Note that he was being interviewed by a latina woman. Perhaps he thought no blacks would see it?
    Interesting that Sleepy Joe has announced he will only take a black woman for VP, and there are fewer blacks in US than latinos. Bad idea, Joe.

  4. …actually, since neither “Latino” nor “Hispanic” describes a RACE, but rather a background and language group, in terms of COLOR…he’s not wrong.

    The COLOR can be lily White, coal Black, or anywhere in between. George Lopez is, arguably, the most pro-Hispanic racist, but one look at this cast pic from his old show has MANY col9r variations…

    …also, Cuban refugees depart from many of their Central and S American cousins on socialism, having seen where it ends up EVERY TIME, so they tend to be more diverse in THOUGHT than Black people as well.

    So again, while Joe may be stupid to say this, in many ways…

    He is NOT wrong…

  5. Did he say that on Taco Tuesday?

    Or was it Cinco de Augusto?

    Una mas cerveza fria por favor!!!! Can I wear the big sombrero?

  6. I could see a skit, where Foreign Dignitaries Walk into the Oval Office looking

    for President Biden….And Joe pops out of a Hatch in the Floor and greets Them.

  7. @flip – “…Biden is a dangerous maniac…”

    Scratch that. Biden is a dangerous empty vessel.

    He doesn’t have the brain capacity to think and act maniacal. He needs to be spoon fed his thoughts and actions.

  8. All we are going to hear from the media is that Trump said all Mexicans are rapists and whatabout Judge Curio.

    And I bet that suddenly, a hispanic will rise to the top of the VP list.

  9. This dipshit doesn’t have a clue about Mexicans. He’s all culo and no carnitas. El cabron con chili pelon. I grew up in loving the family culture. Texas… Here we come!

  10. Jackass Joe has stepped on his dick so many times it must look like an old platypus by now! Given his bizarre eccentricities he probably flips pancakes with it!

  11. Can you imagine of someone like Trump or you or I saying this?

    Holy fook, Joe is a total bigot.


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