Biden Donor Tells Chinese Media Joe ‘Will Not Publicly Criticize China As Much’

National Pulse: President Obama’s Ambassador to China and the “good friend” of Joe Biden is apparently so “concerned” about the United States “preventing China’s rise” he is now actively appearing on Chinese Communist Party media outlets to blast President Trump and parrot Chinese government talking points.

Max Baucus has turned his taxpayer-funded career politician status into a business consultancy for Chinese Communist Party-linked corporates like AliBaba, and now appears on Chinese state media outlets like CGTN, blasted by the Freedom House think tank as “A Long-standing Weapon in Beijing’s Arsenal of Repression”.

Baucus, 78, is a former Congressman, Senator, and political appointee to the high profile China Ambassadorship in 2014. He stayed in post until 2017, when President Trump was inaugurated. read more

12 Comments on Biden Donor Tells Chinese Media Joe ‘Will Not Publicly Criticize China As Much’

  1. Another day another fucking traitor exposed. Time was, I hear, that scum like this used to keep it on the down low. Not anymore. It’s in your face 24/7 that they’re on the other side.

    And for what? WTF could persuade someone to betray their country? A cushy life? Fuck me, what a POS.

    I hope I live to see the day the gloves come off. I know one thing, I will never be ware housed.

  2. Dem’s have always been in bed with the Commies for as long as I can remember.

    The Clinton’s sold our military secrets to the Red’s for campaign donations, and should be in prison for that alone, the list of crime’s could go on and on.

    I despise these people with every fiber of my being.

  3. All these people like Baucus took their Chicom payments for years and never really had to do anything. Until Trump. Now they are earning their pay and exposing themselves like never before. I wonder what Mitt’s assignment will be. Or was he already activated with his vote to impeach.

  4. JB is the best campaigner President Trump has. Every time Joe opens his mouth more voters are driven to the opposite side.

  5. Joe and Hunter are trying to sell Beijing their top secret plans for moving coal and wind across the country. Boom! Thermonuclear bat soup on a stick.

  6. If they are nice, Joe will share the secret Biden family recipe for creamy bat soup on toast points, always a favorite in the Biden Basement.

  7. Joe Biden and Barry Obama sitting together.

    Joe, “Yesterday I went to a petting zoo.”
    Barry, face in his hands,”Joe, that was an elementary school.”
    [from a cartoon sent to me]

  8. …but will criticize the new Ukraine regime more.

    Pasty white asshole! …better ask Chasten what he thinks.

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