Biden Falsely Claims Intel Community Has Cleared His Family Of Wrongdoing


Without any evidence, Democratic Nominee Joe Biden claimed that the “vast majority” of the intelligence community agrees there is “no basis at all” for the allegations of corruption against him and his son Hunter Biden.

“And, you know, and all and the vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said, there’s no basis at all,” Biden claimed.

Despite his baseless claims, the intelligence community has weighed in on the potentially incriminating evidence presented by the New York Post and others who obtained information from a laptop hard drive reportedly belonging to Hunter Biden. MORE

12 Comments on Biden Falsely Claims Intel Community Has Cleared His Family Of Wrongdoing

  1. From “A Field Guide to Libtards”

    “Hunter isn’t on Meth. he can’t be. When He was in School He was terrible at

    Meth, that’s how I was able to convince Him to give Me half of His Salary from

    the Ukraine dealings….Which never happened by the way”

  2. “Will you shut up, man?!”

    Biden is a piece of work, isn’t he? So evil. Why isn’t treason a crime anymore?

  3. His followers and Leftists in general will believe him and anyone saying different will now be called a liar.

  4. @Mm

    I doubt that Hillary shared with Don Barky, and thus Quid Pro Joe figured he could start his own “Familia” and also cut out a weak Don.

  5. Joe is a Democrat. Remember that with Democrats they don’t need to investigate if there is no evidence and, of course, there is no evidence if they don’t investigate.

    With Republicans someone could make something up and the hint of anything bad is enough reason to conduct an investigation where they get to make up more stuff.

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