Biden Forgets Name of His “MVP” FEMA Administrator – IOTW Report

Biden Forgets Name of His “MVP” FEMA Administrator

What does MVP stand for? Most Vorgettable Player?

Just call her Sweetie, Joe, or some other kind and charming phrase that the left hates until a lefty utters it.

The spin will be he did say Criswell, but an old well-documented jaw injury (perhaps from sucking Obama off for 8 years) prevents him from proper annunciation.

11 Comments on Biden Forgets Name of His “MVP” FEMA Administrator

  1. “Biden Forgets Name of His “MVP” FEMA Administrator”

    That’s OK, no one gives a fuck about that guy anyway.

    Least of all Pedo.

  2. C’mon, Man! Cut the Dementia Patient some slack. At least he didn’t confuse her with Neil Kinnock.

    Every day is Dementia Appreciation Day at Joey Obiden Bama’s and Doktor Jill’s White House.

  3. The old bastard looks 90, shuffles about like he’s 100 & needs a walker, cannot put together a coherent sentence even with a prompter, does that weird t-rex thing with his arms when trying to find his way off of a stage. 90% of the time he has to have the lot lizard step in to direct him where to go, if she didn’t step in, he would just wander around looking for Jackie or a little girl to sniff & fondle.

  4. Despite their hypocritical bs, rayciss democrats love love their nasty old white man pols.

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