Biden Gaffe: A Bold New Plan ‘to get our kids to market swiftly’

Sara Carter:

Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a new bold plan on Tuesday to ‘get our kids to market swiftly.’ Of course, it was another one of his famous gaffes but at first I thought it was part of his efforts to cut back on gas emissions.

Seriously, however, his continued gaffes are raising concern about his health and whether or not he’ll be able to debate President Donald Trump. more here

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  1. “…raising concern…” Only now?

    The guy has been Corn Popping, and been to the moon and back for decades.

  2. So joey now thinks our children need to be driven like cattle to the market. If he gets much dumber his IQ might hit zero or even negative numbers. Hey, idiot our children and my granddaughters are not yours or the democraps to market. Since when did our children become commodities to suit your purposes? I can’t believe that there are actually dipshits who would vote for this moron. He must also think that our children are slaves to be indoctrinated by the govt., fuck that shit.

  3. the only way Slo Joe cuts back on gas emissions is when “Dr.” Jill cuts back on his baked bean feedings

  4. My neighbor put up two Joe Biden signs on telephone poles, one on each side of my house, the only ones I’ve seen anywhere. I haven’t touched them. I’m still thinking that Slow Joe is the best gift to Trump they could have gave us. Pretty sure he worked for the government for life.

  5. Don’t worry about any of this. Dementia Joe couldn’t drive across town to pick up one of his grandchildren without getting hopelessly lost, much less get them to market. If anything, he’d be arrested for picking up some little girl for a good sniffing. I still believe Tara Reade, even if she’s lying.

  6. To get kids to market swiftly, teach them to drive a car, Joe.

    But first, teach them how to work, Joe, so they can buy their own car some day with their own money.


    (Joe wondered off.)

  7. A gaffe is something that happens to everyone every once in a while. Gaffe no longer describes Biden’s speaking problem. He may even become incomprehensible by November.

    I would advise Democrat’s to go to plan B if they have one for plan A is an utter failure.

    This so-called campaign of theirs should give anyone paying attention all the evidence needed to realize Democrat’s make a monumental mess of everything they get their incompetent hands on. Even their own presidential campaign.

  8. “Joe Biden unveiled a new bold plan on Tuesday to ‘get our kids to market swiftly.”

    they need one now that the wayfair market has been exposed!

    “Of course, it was another one of his famous gaffes”

    yes, lets bury our head in the sand.
    are you sure he was just not saying the silent part out loud again?

  9. The democraps new campaign slogan should be Vote moron, vote Biden. And we could also revive the slogan about Goldwater in 64 and adopt if for joey, “In your guts, you know he’s nuts.”

  10. I really, REALLY hope Biden debates the President. I would actually watch those debates! Hell, I might even record them!

  11. Jackass Joe in a debate would make Media heads explode for having to reveal to the public whut an unmittigated, demented puppet they’ve rigged up to run in a ginned up campaign!

  12. Joe says that he wants to ‘get our kids to market’ like livestock the same day he says that ‘Arizona is an important city’…

    Conclusion: Joe Biden wants to get Mexican immigrant and illegal immigrant children to market for the global elite to do what they will with them. To do so he needs to destroy the Arizona border. 🧐


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