Biden Getting Agitated and Annoyed About Democratic Doubters Who Think He Shouldn’t Run – IOTW Report

Biden Getting Agitated and Annoyed About Democratic Doubters Who Think He Shouldn’t Run

PJM: Democrats across the country are publicly swearing fealty to Joe Biden. “Too many people in our party look at the glass as half-empty as opposed to the glass as half-full,” said former Rep. Cedric Richmond, Biden’s liaison to the Democratic National Committee.

But as statements of encouragement and support for Biden trickle in, the whispers and murmurs of dissatisfaction, dissent, and alarm are growing.

And Biden doesn’t very much like that.

The president is working to ensure that the nomination process in 2024 will be tilted in his favor, as well as restocking his staff in battleground states and building resources at the Democratic National Committee.

He won’t go easily or quietly. more

14 Comments on Biden Getting Agitated and Annoyed About Democratic Doubters Who Think He Shouldn’t Run

  1. How can he run for President again when he can’t ever run to the bathroom without crapping his pants? I saw a beautiful young blonde lady today next to one of my customers in CDA, Idaho leave in her large newer Ford F 150 P/u who had large raised letters on her truck below the f 150 logo that read FJB, I got a good laugh out of that. They have a lot of good-looking young women in Idaho and I bet she ain’t no liberal.

  2. We had the most votes cast for a President already(legit that is). How’d that turn out? And what’s been done to prevent that from happening again?

    In GA they’ve actually added more drop boxes. I can almost guarantee you that Stacy Abrahms will be “elected”

  3. Dementia Joe, you Pathetic Bastard! Everybody read your Cheat Sheets! YOU will not run for re-election. YOU will be Impeached. YOU will retire to the Wilmington Hideout in disgrace. YOU will think it’s unfair, but so was YOUR crooked election.

  4. Please run again Joe. The world needs a good laugh and frankly you couldn’t possibly embarrass yourself or America much further.

    Just remember one thing, I have doubts that those behind the ballot harvesting in 2020 will be there for you in 2024.

    Best to take the 81,000,000 vote fantasies to the grave with you.

  5. With all of Jackass Joe’s scams, shams, and broken promises,
    domestic spying and filthy Tent City Squatters
    the world continues to deteriorate.
    Hire Imams with hooks and sing Sheik Yerbouhti for more oil!
    You are THE moron of the universe,
    No less than the trees and the stars;
    You have no right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you (nothing is)
    the Universe is laughing behind your back!
    Give up!

  6. Yeah, let’s have Joe run. That way, we can bring up all the falsehoods from his last campaign as well as what a piss poor job he’s done in office.

  7. A beautiful job, wonderful job, most magnificent job, should get the Nobel Peace Prize. More liked than Abraham Lincoln. The most loved President ever.


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