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Biden Gives Border to the Cartels

Sara Carter gives the details.

10 Comments on Biden Gives Border to the Cartels

  1. Biden gives the southern border to the Mexican cartels.
    The Ukraine to Russia.
    Hong Kong & Taiwan to the China.
    LA, NYC, and Chicago to criminal Mobs.

    WHAT’S NEXT?!?!?!

    TRUMP/Grenell 2024 FJB LGB

  2. Finger painting? No brush work? Seal off the border from immigrates & Fentanyl the scourge on America by any means necessary.

  3. @Chickity China….. You forgot one, Trump to Iran, for their general that was ground up. Biden, he’s yours.

  4. Now, if he gives flyover country to the terrorists, maybe they’ll all just roll over, shart, and keep sleeping.


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