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Biden Has Dementia, Change My Mind

With each public appearance the indictors that Joe Biden suffers from dementia stack up. This video goes over the video evidence and explains the bizarre behavior we’ve all witnessed over the last few years as clear symptoms of dementia. Watch

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  1. It doesn’t really matter – he’s not running anything anyway. Susan Rice and Anita Dunn are, with a lot of help from Xi and Soros. Jill Biden should be skinned alive for her role in all this.

  2. I’ve watched enough proof over the past 40 years to know this gaping asshole is a trojan horse and a grinning imbecile with the mental agility of Karl Childers!

  3. Joe doesn’t have a clue. If you gave him a dollar he couldn’t buy a clue.

  4. Biden has neurosyphilis.

    “General paresis
    General paresis is a problem with mental function due to damage to the brain from untreated syphilis.

    General paresis is one form of neurosyphilis. It usually occurs in people who have had untreated syphilis for many years. Syphilis is a bacterial infection that is most often spread through sexual or nonsexual contact. Today, neurosyphilis is very rare.

    With neurosyphilis, the syphilis bacteria attack the brain and nervous system. General paresis often begins about 10 to 30 years after the syphilis infection.

    Collapse Section
    Symptoms has been expanded.
    Syphilis infection can damage many different nerves of the brain. With general paresis, symptoms are usually those of dementia and may include:

    Memory problems
    Language problems, such as saying or writing words incorrectly
    Decreased mental function, such as problems thinking and with judgment
    Mood changes
    Personality changes, such as delusions, hallucinations, irritability, inappropriate behavior”

    …he’s been “demented” acting for a long time, longer than he’s been geriatic.

    And he’s been a perv forever.

    I don’t doubt age and hardening arteries has exacerbated the process, but him being a disease brained slug goes back to when he STARTED in politics.

  5. Wow.

    I lost my father-in-law to Alzheimer’s. It was an awful way to go out. I felt terrible for him. I know what dementia looks like. It’s not unfair to say that I see the same physical and mental issues with Biden. Difference is, my Father-in-law couldn’t destroy our country, shred the Constitution or start a world war.

  6. Stolen elections that installed a Dementia Patient as Resident are having catastrophic consequences, but Dementia Joe’s Masters and Handlers don’t care. It’s been easier than they thought it would be thanks to the compliant Ministry of Propaganda and the Deep State Swamp Dwellers. This is not going to end well.

  7. Part of it is brain disease disfunction with the majority being Biden’s aberrant self-promoting narcissism and maliciousness which he’s displayed throughout his career, with the brain disease simply bringing out his true character and exposing it. Exploiting and cruelly abusing Americans as well as the illegal aliens he paid for and imported from across the US border, using dishonest tactics, and being a menace to American society can’t be blamed on some brain-eating thing. His polluted being is the exact characteristics which global and dark state crime organizations fiends were looking for in a trojan horse for which to install their schemes. Biden pretends to be a “normal” person though is not with more and more of his mask-disguise slipping away to reveal the TRUE Joe Biden hiding underneath.

  8. Putin has an itchy nuclear trigger finger and Xi is in crisis mode as well and we have Adolph Pedo McPuddinhead “in charge” continually goading both of them, What could go wrong?

    They want Russia to use tactical nukes so martial law is declared and the election is postponed.

    Ado0lph Pedo McFuckhead is going to get us nuked. I’m sure the Lord God Almighty will put all of us old cranky IOTW critters in the same heavenly hotel. See you all there…

  9. The sign-language woman was annoying. Two years into his occupancy and they’re just now saying Joe has dementia? Be careful accepting that, it’s an excuse to justify what he’s done to America while in office. Have mercy on him they say. Well FJB and his lezzie press secretary. Satan has a special place for them. BTW, I love the expression of Elton John’s face when Biden said that Elton was the reason AIDs was being spread and the money it’s costing us. Elton looked like he had just sucked on a rotten banana. That wasn’t dementia talking, that was just who Joe is.

  10. My mom in her last year at the age of 92 was batshit crazy with Sundowner’s. I took care of her both and my dad before they both passed away 4 years ago. And night, generally after 9 to 10 PM the demons would come out and cause her to go nuts beyond belief. It was no fun watching her go nuts like this night after nearly sleepless night trying to calm her down. But she knew what a rubber room was when my brother threatened her with committing her to an old folk’s homes for those with severe dementia. And her cat Fred was always fed despite me or my dad not knowing where she hid the cat food, we finally found it hidden inside a popcorn tin inside the back hall closet.

  11. Yeah, they picked Joe because they knew he would go along with them and after all the damage done in using him they will blame him for everything, then wash their hands of him.

  12. As long as Adolph Pedo McWafflecone gets his daily ice cream, everything will be fine. And the pudding cups – keep those coming. We don’t want Adolph Benito McFacistdick turning into a Joseph Stalin McCommiefuck, especially with a middle name of ‘Robinette McHairplug.’

  13. Joe is a two Fer.
    You get an imbecile who does what he is told to do.
    And cannot be blamed for being senile while doing it.

  14. Oh.
    And we get dr Jill and her imitation of big Mike’s tranny wardrobe on a real female


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