Biden: I don’t count drunk driving as a felony – IOTW Report

Biden: I don’t count drunk driving as a felony

While discussing deportation of illegals, Biden dropped this doozy.

h/t joe6pak

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  1. How did his first wife die again? And I child I think. Well at least according to him.

  2. Biden: “I don’t count drunk driving as a felony…when it’s a democrat.”


  3. I suppose if lying on a 4473 isn’t a big deal for Democrat’s or their friends (campaign contributors), family and close “business” associates either.

  4. “You are free to go, sir.”
    “Thankshhh occifer. Could you asshisht me in getting offa thish sidewalk and back onto the road?”

  5. Mary Jo Kopechne unavailable for comment.

  6. I take this to mean Hunter is an alcoholic!

  7. Also, I don’t count Biden as my President.

  8. “Me Neither” Nancy Pelosi

  9. Drunk driving is a part of the illegals culture. Who are we to say it’s against the law?

  10. …says the tax sponge pervert who never had to operate his own vehicle around drunks in his life, always bring chauffeured in armor-plated limos surrounded by LEOs…

  11. WAIT A MINUTE!!!

    One of Joe Biden’a BIG lies is that his first wife and child were killed by a drunk driver and Joe Biden doesn’t think drunk driving is a felony! Really?

    REALLY? GOD DAMN JOE! If Your going to lie at least live your lie!


  12. If you’re from a prominent democrat establishment feudal family, then nothing is a felony. Just ask the Kennedys.

  13. How about sniffing blow off a whore’s ass? Hunter doesnt think that’s a felony either

  14. DUI is only a felony if there are specific, aggravating circumstances: children in the car, killing or injuring a person, driving on a suspended license, certain BAL, prior DUI convictions. So, Joe is actually correct, but clearly by accident, because he said he does not consider it a felony, inferring he thinks it is a felony. What he does or doesn’t consider a felony is irrelevant to anyone but him.

  15. Either did Ted Kennedy.
    What a fucking moron. I’m so sick of his wispers and lectures. For 50 years he has been a lying coward always trying to be the tuff guy.

  16. He followed up by declaring that child molestation isn’t a felony, either.

  17. I hate it when Jackass Joe opens his mouth and Nancy Pelosi’s voice comes out of it!

  18. My brother decided to drive drunk. He killed himself, his brother in law, his dog, the guy in the other car and 1 or 2 kids in the other car. I really wish a cop a few minutes earlier than the collision had pulled him over and charged him with a felony, put him in the drunk tank and taken his license for a year. Biden is a dumbass.

  19. Ohio Dan – That had to be a tough one! You have my sympathies.

  20. Memo to Taffyhead Joe:

    Tell that to every state legislature
    Tell that to every governor
    Tell that to every state court
    Tell that to everyone who has lost a loved one
    in a drunk driving calamity
    Tell that to them, Joe
    Just because you’re stupid
    doesn’t mean you don’t have balls
    Tell that to them

  21. By a remarkable coincidence, I don’t consider Biden an actual President.

  22. my gun has killed fewer people than ted kennedy’s car

  23. @Tony R July 1, 2022 at 8:45 pm

    > Where is MADD when you need them?

    I’ll take “Happily fellating Bill Clinton, for six hundred, Tony.”

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