Biden: ‘I Never Thought Hillary Was A Great Candidate’


Daily Caller: Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday he never thought Hillary Clinton was a “great candidate,” and wasn’t the best person to take on Donald Trump.

“I never thought she was a great candidate,” he said at the SALT hedge fund conference in Las Vegas. “I thought I was a great candidate.”  read more

9 Comments on Biden: ‘I Never Thought Hillary Was A Great Candidate’

  1. Old crazy Joe may never have thought that she was a great candidate but he sure did like the size and shape of her big butt!

  2. ‘I Never Thought Hillary Was A Great Candidate’
    Maybe the first intelligent words the comical idiot ever uttered in his life!

  3. The level of idiocy that is Joe Biden was to Obama nothing more than a life insurance policy against the angry racist Americans who own guns that Obama kept complaining about.

    Its not that Biden never understood his role; its Biden was and still is incapable of understanding his role.

  4. Poor Slow Joe Biden. He was told to stand down on running for president by Oboonga and the DNC. That Rose Garden announcement that he would not run for president looked like a hostage video. After wanting to be president for 30 years he was denied the opportunity to run because it was Hillary’s turn.

  5. When you’ve lost Joe Biden, you’ve lost, umm…you’ve lost, uhh…

    Say, I wonder if he ever groped Chelsea?

  6. Actually swine are more respectable creatures than the Biden sewer rat clan.

    Has his son, the one who is taking his hallowed brother Beau’s recently widowed wife for a bride, cleared the good Catholic family name yet ?!!!!!


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