Biden is coughing, hoarse, breathing funny… I say he needs a ventilator, for the good of the country

Sounds like George Clooney-

Another reason to get rid of him.

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  1. PedoJoe46….”…is now touting lowering oil and gas prices “significantly.”….$0.02 per gallon over 3 days….

    After prices had risen from $2.10 to 3.39 since his reign of terror began in January….

    PedoJoe46….I did that….Thanks PedoJoe….you know the thing….Ashley says….”C’moan daddy….let’s take another shower and….”

  2. Funny thing is, nobody’s gonna miss the old retard.
    Not even Jill – she can hook back up with Hunter and spend like a whirlwind.
    The daughter’ll be relieved.
    Toddlers in DC can rest a little easier (till their parents find some other well-connected pedos).

    No down side at all.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Maybe he’s got the RONA. Wouldn’t that be something? When Trump got it, the world new about it. If Joey’s got it, it’s a secret.

  4. I suggest double masking with the primary layer to be plastic wrap. Include the other top demorats to prevent external transmission.

  5. Oil prices due to political scare tactics of the invisible omicron variant have come down. No other reason. The Biden admin didn’t do a DAMN THING other than weaponize health institutions and media to promote scare tactics.

    The world is run by bankers. Not politicians. When Joe takes credit for a CRASH in oil prices due to political scare tactics the bankers will respond.

    Refineries will be bombed, supplies cut off, wars started. People will DIE to get oil prices higher. Bankers will not lose, ever. And Joe will take credit for it. Bloody hands Biden.

  6. I would rather he fall down the stairs (on his own) of AF-1 in front of all the Cameras and Publicly break his corrupt ass.

    Come on Santa…

  7. May the vile and monstrous child molester-supremacist Biden be on his last withered leg, to be hurled into his eternity where no live person will hear him scream or croak.

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