Biden is still trying to snip the staple

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  1. LOL! If I were her I’d say drop your pants, I have to snip something else!

    Although, you’d have thought she got it after at least the second time, if not the first.

  2. Haha, good one. Almost as good as “Flatten the Curve”. Boy, they had us going with that one, didn’t they?

  3. Fur, Ya need to do a Biden/Putin Mash up Pic…Biden’s Head on Putins bare

    chested body….While riding Joe’s Bike !!!

  4. Speakin of which … there was a Star Trek with a old demented dude who was the Nazi leader … would make a good ad for Biden.

    They kept him in a booth where he mumbled dumb shit every now and again – similar to a well-known former VP running for Preznit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. A blonde and a brunette are walking through the park. The brunette says “oh no, look, a dead bird.” The blonde looks up in the sky and says “where?”

  6. And just why is everyone assuming she wasn’t a knowing participant in this joke, huh? Conveniently blond = “I was acting!”
    *in my best Jon Lovitz thespian voice

  7. The look on her face when she finally let reality soak into her brain!

    The staple then him. The staple then him.

    PS She will never have to worry about zombies looking for brains to eat.

  8. i dont know which is worse, a Yikings fan trolling his wife, or her being dumb enough to marry a Yikings fan.

  9. She’s part yellow lab. I’ve seen that confused back-and-forth look before. “Heeey! You never threw the ball, did you?”

  10. @Tony R AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 9:49 AM

    Dumb blondes have dark roots.

    (Growing up blonde it is necessary to know these things)

  11. That is kind of funny but it’s pretty mean to make a person that loves you think that you have been hurt. I did something similar and I felt guilty afterward. I guess I’m a softy.


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